VDare Interviews Ron Paul

Brimelow: What do you think of the H1-B program?
Paul: I’ve supported that because it’s legal. I know some people say they don’t follow the law…. The argument is that it’s a form of corporate subsidy—powerful interest groups have arranged to break down their workers’ wages by bringing in temporary workers. Well, the market always works to put pressure on the businessman to spend the least amount of money to provide product. So what some may call a corporate subsidy is also a subsidy to the consumer. The consumer is the one protected in the free market. The object of labor is to push wages up as high as possible. The object of business is to get the most efficient labor at the best price. In the free market, that works out. But the problem is we have too much welfare and we have a currency that’s losing value.
Brimelow: If you’re President, various interest groups are going to come to you and say, there’s a shortage of nurses or teachers or (goodness!) possibly journalists; therefore we have to have these temporary work programs to bring in labor in this area. If the labor is organized, it’s going to say to you, look, the problem isn’t that there’s a shortage, the problem is business doesn’t want to pay higher wages. What will you do?
Paul: Well, whatever we do will be legal. Congress has to have a say, they have to pass a law, and the President has to decide to sign it or not. And I would lean in the direction of saying, if there is indeed a shortage, and this is a legal process, this shouldn’t be threatening to us.
Brimelow: How would you determine that there was a shortage?
Paul: Well, I don’t think it would be easy but if there’s a need and immigrants can get a job, that means there’s a shortage. If there was no shortage, they wouldn’t have jobs. Obviously the companies can’t fill some of these jobs and they’re looking for people to fill them.

At last, the much-awaited VDare interview with Ron Paul. I must say, I am disappointed with Ron Paul’s stance on legal immigration, as I think it is the bigger problem. In some ways, I just think Paul does not get it. Companies can fill these jobs; they just want cheaper labor. Perhaps Paul has not seen this video clip where a law firm is advising its clients how NOT to hire American citizens. His view that the “free market” is somehow going to solve this problem is at best naive.

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17 thoughts on “VDare Interviews Ron Paul

  1. Johnnyb

    Naice as it may be, with the exception of Tom Tancredo who else do you think is serious about ficing the immigration problem and pulling us out of this American Union Bullshit? Thing about Ron Paul is that you know that you can trust him and that he means what he says, and he is the only candidate in the race who has been absolutely consistent with his views.

    Ron Paul is no ones perfect candidate, but taken in balance he’s head and shoulders above the rest.

  2. Chris Hewlett

    Great video, but please don’t send it around – you can’t even tell the person behind the podium is saying the words. These types of videos prove nothing – they can be doctored, clipped, edited, air-brushed, revised,etc.

  3. Bede Post author

    As far as I know, the video clip (of a law firm advising its clients on loopholes how NOT to hire Americans, and cheaper imports in their place) is legitimate. Lou Dobbs has played it on his program many times.

  4. Bede Post author

    Ron Paul also criticizes Tancredo in the interview:

    Brimelow: Has your thinking on immigration changed over the years?

    Paul: I try to understand it better. I think it is a difficult issue. There’s probably only one Republican running for the presidency right now who says “No more immigrants!” I don’t think America is like that at all. I don’t agree with that. But I don’t believe in illegal immigration. So in many ways, I’m pretty moderate and mainstream. I’m not radical either way. I don’t want to put tanks and shoot illegal immigrants as they come over, that’s one extreme. The other is totally open borders—just let them flow in.

  5. C Bowen

    Paul views things from the interest of the consumer, rather than the ‘worker’, the proletariat of the Industrial Age. Say what you will, but his naive view is more traditionally conservative than appeals to labor which is a social democratic view popularized by Marxists. Nevertheless, it is the individual state that has to set its own rules on immigration. The best example I can thing of are the French Canadians who seasonally hop over the Maine border to work timber.

    Tancredo is a decent demagogue for the cause, but even he shies away from even mentioning that there just might well be a racial component.

  6. ERIC

    Tancredo owns the immigration issue.
    He is the only one that is right on LEGAL immigration.
    I’m telling you, Tancredo needs to win the nomination and choose Ron Paul as his running mate.
    The two of them, led by Tancredo with Ron Paul’s influence on Tancredo where Tancredo is a little bit weak such as the war in Iraq is what this country needs.
    Immigration is a bigger concern than the war in my opinion and that’s why Tancredo needs to win the nomination over Paul, but he needs to choose Paul as his running mate.

  7. Marc

    This is why I don’t support Paul, he’s clueless on legal immigration which is just as if not more so a problem then illegal immigration. Plus the fact that he wants to get rid of the C.I.A. is dumb.

  8. Patroon

    Paul is not as hardcore on immigration as some would like (myself included) so you have to accept that if you’re going to support him. In other words, if business wants HB-1 expansion from President Paul they’ll get it. I think its a hand out for companies that don’t want to raise wages so they can import their workforce, but Paul, like many libertarians doesn’t have a problem with.

    However, Paul will dismantle the welfare state benefits that draw many immigrants to this country and he will defend our borders. He also won’t send the Justice Department to file lawsuits against localities like Hazelton, PA that are trying to get a handle on immigration through its own measures. However it also means he won’t go after sanctuary cities either, take it for what its worth.

    I don’t think there’s any questions he’s moved more paleo over the year on immigration. It’s good bet he didn’t feel so strongly maybe say, 10 years ago. But you can see he struggles between his libertarian inclinations and where the base of the party is at this point.

  9. Bede

    “I don’t think there’s any questions he’s moved more paleo over the year on immigration.”

    That’s definite. If you compare his early voting record on immigration (horrible) with his more recent voting record (good), you can see he’s changed.

  10. ERIC

    “I don’t think there’s any questions he’s moved more paleo over the year on immigration.”

    “That’s definite. If you compare his early voting record on immigration (horrible) with his more recent voting record (good), you can see he’s changed.”

    Question: Don’t we want a PRINCIPLED (hasn’t changed over the years for political reasons) candidate?

    Check Tancredo’s record over the years, never changed and has been good on all the issues except for being a team player on the war in Iraq because he thought we were going to go in and get the job done quick, like he said in a recent debate that he would not put restrictions on our troops in a war.
    Bottom line Tancredo wanted to fight to win, but now that he sees we are just nation-building he wants to disengage.

  11. Marc

    I think he’s fed up too Eric, but unfortunately he seems to think dropping nukes on holy sites is an acceptable alternative.

    It is my opinion that the Muslim world can hate us all they want and it doesn’t mean anything. If we controlled our borders and knew who was in the country they could do nothing to us. They have no army, air force, or navy. They rely on being able to come over here and become sleepers until they attack and we have done nothing to address this.

  12. Jose Padillo

    You folks need to check out Duncan Hunter, he is extremely strong on all the issues that should be important to conservatives.

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