L’Affaire Zimmerman

In what was thought to be the aftermath of the Zimmerman-Trayvon episode, there was a solid, if perhaps, premature, column from Matt Parrot, which noted:

Even if White Americans did want to feel guilty about the death of Trayvon Martin, the guy who shot him isn’t even White. George Zimmerman is of Peruvian descent, votes Democrat, mentors Black youth in his spare time, and is an anti-racist activist…For us, the most important and exciting development was the effectiveness with which Kyle Rogers of the Council of Conservative Citizens, Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent, Nicholas Stix (Jewish) of VDare, and others from across the movement effectively subverted and scooped the lumbering and lazy media conglomerates at every turn. The mainstream media kept lying, and our people kept catching and exposing them.

But alas, the story is only just beginning.

The Republican Governor of Florida—that hotbed swing state—appointed a special prosecutor, Republican Angela Corey, to replace the local prosecutor who originally handled the death of Trayvon Martin and did not press charges.

Republican Angela Corey is moving forward with 2nd Degree Murder charges.

In the background, Presidential aspirant (then aspirant) Rick Santorum sided against Zimmerman and with the mob.  Alleged Tea Party Congressman, Allen West, sided with the mob against Zimmerman.  And most recently in the news as far as this web site is concerned, Rich Lowry sided with Sharpton and the mob.

It’s clear that this is a political prosecution of Zimmerman, or rather, a witch hunt, based on discredited political calculus that pleasing the mob, will get the mob to vote Republican.

But circle back to Zimmerman’s original defenders, the ones who will remain his defenders.

A sense of justice, or at the minimum, the old concept of a fair trial, perhaps does triumph other considerations—an ethic evolves.

Zimmerman is going to be railroaded, in some post-modern combination of the Dreyfus Affair, ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’, and Bob Dylan’s (born Zimmerman) misleading account of a song, Hurricane.

Stay tuned…


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7 thoughts on “L’Affaire Zimmerman

  1. BrockTownsend

    Well said and posted.

    We learned nothing new about the facts of the case. What irked me was to hear the prosecutor thank the Martin family attorneys — that seems a little close for my liking in a prosecutor, and in fact the Martin family attorneys have acted irrespoonsibly in the media as I have addressed before.

    I saw on Twitter that the Martin family held a press conference with Al Sharpton by their side, but I didn’t get to see it. Although Zimmerman now is charged, and the case is in the courts, I expect the Martin family attorneys, Sharpton, and others continue to work the case in the media from a racial angle and to inflame passions in the community as a means of tainting the jury pool.

    For the prosecutor to embrace the Martin family attorneys with thanks at the press conference, and for AG Eric Holder verbally to praise Sharpton today, tells me that a case which should be about facts of who did what to whom is going to turn into an even bigger racial narrative for a variety of purposes which have noting to do with the guilt or innocence of the accused..
    More @ Legal Insurrection

  2. RedPhillips

    On what grounds was a special prosecutor appointed, after the local investigators determined they were not going to press charges?

  3. roho

    George Zimmerman should have ran away to Patagonia, caught huge trout, raised alpacas, went on driven dove shoots, and came back in five years if he could tear himself away from such a life……He is a Pawn in an election year, to be destroyed by the ambitions of a Nancy Grace on steroids. The case should be called by it’s real name, “The United States VS Florida Stand Your Ground Law”, in an attempt to help the elderly whites accept their beat downs and transfer whatever wealth the gangbanger demands. The normal “Grand Jury” step was skipped because the prosecutor knew that a jury of 12 elderly, scared, gaited community whites would naturally throw it out!(The law was designed for people to shoot people that attack you because you are vulnurable.)

    If they win, the Feds will go after the other 20 states with similar laws……….So, How many of these prosecutors were against this law when it was in the State Legislature?……….All?………..Zimmerman is a Political Pawn…….I would have said, “Kiss my arse!…….From Peru.”

    Regardless of the decision, he can’t walk the streets of America for at least 5 years anyway.

  4. C Bowen


    The local prosecutor did not press charges against Zimmerman.

    So he was removed (he withdrew himself) and replaced with someone who would get with the program.

  5. RedPhillips

    C Bowen, I’m aware of that. I was wondering if there was some alleged technical grounds upon which the special prosecutor was appointed other than not getting the results they wanted. Can they just appoint a special prosecutor on whim? That seems to me to taint the case from the get go.

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