13 thoughts on “SPLC: “We’re not really set up to cover the extreme Left.”

  1. roho

    HB-2………The SPLC is nothing more than a department of the ADL, with the same agenda…………..MLK was not a member of the Communist Party by accident?

  2. Matt Weber

    How many token freeperisms can bedeck a one sentence post?

    The SPLC exists for one purpose, to gin up fear and donations among ignorant liberals about the scary right-wingers in the hinterlands where they’ve never been.

  3. Kirt Higdon

    The main problem with the SPLC is that they are a principal source of information for the FBI and other police agencies. At the same time they always have favored access to the media. They police the limits of permissible speech, acting as a semi-governmental agency.

  4. Matt Weber

    And before whom are we kneeling?

    More seriously, you are quite wrong that the nature of the SPLC is “commonly acknowledged”. But if it ever is, I promise I won’t comment on it anymore here.

  5. RonL

    The $PLC is exactly what its name suggest, a communist group. And because the SPLC and ADL are first and foremost leftist, they are allied to the the Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America (CAIR, Muslim Students Association, Islamic Society of North America, Fiqh Council of North America, Islamic Circle of North America) and Europe.

  6. HarrisonBergeron2 Post author

    Let’s see – I am a supporter of the Empire, a whiner, and a slave to public opinion.

    Did I leave anything out?

  7. RedPhillips

    Savrola, have you ever considered a Dale Carnigie course? You should. You lecture us about political reality, but wouldn’t one aspect of political reality be not pissing off people who are in substantial agreement with you?

  8. HarrisonBergeron2 Post author


    Oh, dear. I may have to discuss this with my therapist.

  9. Feltan

    Charming. I am sure your “effective strategy” is held in awe by your closest friend(s).

    Really? You contend it is best to shut down discussion that doesn’t meet your standard of importance? If indeed an important first step is getting individuals to shut up, perhaps you can lead by example.

    I don’t find you tone and line of reasoning the least bit enlightening.


  10. Kirt Higdon

    With that many gigs, how do you find the time to stop by here just to tell all of us to shut up? Oh yes, you did mention that they’re “on paper”.

  11. HarrisonBergeron2 Post author


    With such a magnetic personality, you will no doubt build an epic political movement.

    I’ll just sit back and watch.

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