Liberal hypocrisy on same-sex “marriage”

It’s hysterical how liberals use the language of conservatism to push their agenda. Here in North Carolina, liberals are resorting to deceptive slogans in their campaign against Amendment One, which will define marriage as between one man and one woman. Liberals claim they oppose the amendment so they can “keep government out of our lives” and expand the “institution of marriage” to homosexuals. This blatant hypocrisy reveals how desperate liberals are – the latest polls indicate voters will approve the amendment by a comfortable margin.

But to borrow a slogan from the homosexual lobby, “It gets better!” The latest Creative Loafing features what’s supposed to be a tear-jerker about two women who, we’re told, live in fear of Amendment One. They live that life of fear in their posh lakefront home on Lake Norman. One is described as the director of marketing for Wells Fargo and the other is a “stay-at-home mom,” which is normally a term of derision for leftists.

What the article conveniently leaves out is that same-sex “marriage” is ALREADY illegal in North Carolina by statute. The amendment will only protect existing law against judicial activism.

Liberals – you just can’t trust ‘em!

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