Pro-Life, TEA Party Republican Faces the Republican Establishment (CA 9th District)

By Timothy Yung

Here is a dilemma that true conservatives face: Do you join a third-party or do you remain in the Republican Party and try to transform it? I have reluctantly decided to re-join the Republican Party. While I was at a TEA Party event I heard a speech from someone who had made the same decision. The man was John McDonald who is running for Congress in California’s 9th Congressional District. As a principled Ronald Reagan conservative, McDonald left the Republican Party in disgust when George W. Bush abandoned the conservative principles he ran on. McDonald was alarmed when George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act (2001), Medicare Expansion Act (2003), and refused to veto a single spending bill. He became an Independent, but McDonald returned to the Republican Party after seeing the impact the TEA Party could have in transforming and returning the party to its roots. He opposes the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education, Department of Housing, and Department of Energy. He supports domestic drilling. He wants to go beyond the Paul Ryan Plan and make meaningful cuts. John McDonald is also for lowering the income tax and the corporate tax rate. John McDonald is a businessman who I believe will transform Washington, D.C if elected. As a business executive he understands the dangers of excess environmental regulations, eminent domain abuse, and the myth of man-made global warming.

The problem is that the Republican establishment has lined up in support of Ricky Gill. Ricky Gill is a 24-year-old law school student (turns 25 by the election time). He has the backing of the California Republican Party, the California College Republicans, Jeb Bush, Eric Cantor, etc. According to the Washington Post Ricky Gill  “knows he’s not playing to hard-core conservatives,” which many will recognize as code for being a moderate, centrist, and even a liberal on many issues. Ricky Gill claims that he is against federal intervention in education, but he believes the federal government should encourage higher standards. He claims he is against Obamacare, but he wants to preserve the pre-existing condition ban and the government cost controls. He is against unilateral foreign intervention but wants to use the United Nations as the world’s policeman. He is also “personally pro-life” but is for a woman’s right to make that decision. His parents’ used to own an abortion clinic that was protested by Operation Rescue. His parents also received over $200,000 in farming subsidies.

Why mention his parents? His parents have used their connection with the Sikh business community to help their son raise over $ 1 million in campaign contribution including from gambling interests linked to Harry Reid. Thanks to the Republican Establishment and the money, John McDonald is fighting a uphill battle.

John McDonald opposes the U.N. and Agenda 21. John McDonald understands that health care works best when the free-market, not the government, determine costs. John McDonald supports the personhood rights of the unborn. He and his wife have volunteered several hours at a pregnancy crisis center. My friend, a hard-core Catholic social conservative, re-calls marching with him in the San Francisco Walk for Life. (My friend told me this story after I talked to him about John McDonald.)

If John McDonald wins the primary he has a good chance of winning the general election. His Democratic opponent, Jerry McNerney, won the 2010 election against David Harmer 48% to 46.9%. In San Joaquin County, David Harmer won the majority of votes however the district included an extremely liberal county. Due to the census most of the district now consists of San Joaquin County which gives John McDonald a fair shot at winning. Now he just has to overcome the Republican-established backed candidate.

Timothy Yung is the Co-Founder of the UC Davis Chapter of Young Americans For Liberty.
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25 thoughts on “Pro-Life, TEA Party Republican Faces the Republican Establishment (CA 9th District)

  1. RedPhillips

    Mr. Yung may not be aware that we have recently been debating the issue of third party involvement on this site.

    People who fret that they may “hurt” the GOP by joining or talking up a third party needn’t worry. There will be no mass exodus from the GOP any time soon. What is needed is a few brave souls to do the thankless task of keeping the third party flame alive so that conservatives will have an alternative when the GOP serves them up a dud like Gill.

  2. Kirt Higdon

    What’s McDonald’s position on foreign wars, the Patriot Act, the TSA and in general the US national security/warfare state? What’s his position on Israel, Iran, etc.?

  3. Timothy Yung

    @ Kirk, On his website he has called for immediate and safe withdrawal from Afghanistan and says that nation-building is pointless. He wrote me an e-mail saying that he is for a smaller military footprint.

  4. Timothy Yung

    As requested by email here is some information about me. I am former big government, neo-con Republican. However I was converted to a libertarian/paleo-con ideology after being introduced to the ideas of Ron Paul and reading some of Chuck Baldwin’s columns. I left the Republican Party however I returned in 2010 to the Republican Party after seeing many great pro-liberty men for office like Tom McClintock ,Justin Amash, Rand Paul, Peter Schiff, Adam Kokesh, etc. run for the primary. I decided that I would fight to transform the Republican Party from within and fight the establishment which tried to stop Rand Paul from winning his primary. A huge dilemma for us is the fact that the Republican Party establishment often backs candidates who are non-conservatives.

  5. Kirt Higdon

    Tim, thanks for the info. It sounds like he is going in the right direction but still has a way to go. Maybe he is following your path. The US needs no military footprint at all outside our own borders and off-shore waters. And it is ridiculous to pretend that the US builds nations; it destroys nations.

  6. Feltan

    Mr. Yung,

    I wish you well.

    The Republican Party is like a moored ship that has unknowingly slipped its anchor chain, and as the crew sleeps the ship is drifting toward dangerous shoals. While there may be individual candidates that warrant support or sympathy, they are in the minority among a political organization who’s ties to Constitutional governance have also unknowingly slipped. Your candidate-of-choice may well be, and probably is, a decent sort of fellow. However, he has cast his lot with a Party that neither respects nor supports him. Even if he should prevail, his first political battles will be with those with whom he has placed his allegiance; which by itself unfortunately calls into question his judgment.


  7. Jim

    John McDonald told the Contra Costa Times that he would have voted for the TARP bailout. That doesn’t make him much of a “principled conservative” in my book. Tea Party conservatives shouldn’t assume that anyone the Republican party doesn’t support is some kind of rebel conservative. That’s how you get taken for a ride. Sometimes the party doesn’t get behind a candidate because, like John McDonald, they keep switching parties and they are corporate shills that support taxpayer bailouts of JP Morgan Chase, WellsFargo, et al.

  8. Feltan

    Ah Savrola,

    A privateer with a Letter of Marque is not the same as a reviled and unlicensed pirate. I would claim the former and deny the latter with regard to school of thought.


  9. Rudy

    The true shill here seems to be Mr. Yung. The real conservatives in CA-9 know that Mr. McDonald is just a tool of the DCCC. He displays how out of touch he is with the people of that district by being for the peripheral canal which would even further ruin the Valley economy. From people who have seen and spoken to both candidates I’ve heard that Mr. Gill is intelligent, thoughtful, articulate, and generally well thought of while Mr. McDonald comes across as an angry, stuttering, and part-time candidate. A cursory review of both campaigns shows Gill has garnered a ton of support and seems to be running a very professional operation (and yes that stuff matters) while the McDonald campaign is clearly a part time shoddy operation. As a Republican it would be great to see someone win this seat back from the Dems and it’s quite clear the only candidate who has a REAL shot of doing that is Gill from my point of view. The June 5th primary will be a rough day for the McDonald camp no doubt.

  10. RedPhillips

    But Rudy, Mr. Gill thinks it ought to be legal for a mother to kill her child. That’s a non-starter.

  11. Kirt Higdon

    Sorry to hear McDonald is still for bailing out the banksters, especially since the news from JP Morgan Chase would indicate that they’ll have their hands extended for another bailout any day now.

  12. Timothy Yung

    @Jim, you should post a link to that article because I would be very surprised if he supported TARP. @Rudy, yes Ricky Gill’s campaign would be more organized since they got over $1 million. Also John McDonald is a full time business executive so he is only campaigning part-time.

  13. Timothy Yung

    @Kirk, wait for Jim to post the link because I have looked everywhere for the article about supporting TARP. There have been crazy comments posted by Ricky Gill supporters all over the web include one that says that John McDonald is a secretly working with the Democrats to divide the Republican vote which makes no sense since the June primary is a top two election so even if the vote were divided Ricky Gill could advance in the primary. By the way I posted an article on John McDonald on another website the next day the website was under a cyber attack. Now the campaign website is down. So if this website gets hacked it is due to Ricky Gill supporters trying to stop the campaign.

  14. Timothy Yung

    Here is a sample on the John McDonald website (cached due to hacking):
    “Even though the US Government was not obligated to bail them out, the taxpayers did so. Now, over $150B has been spent and much more will be spent to clean this mess up. $150B is equal to more than 1 million jobs! TARP and these types of bailouts are what caused the Tea Party to form. The Tea Party is made up of smart, nerdy, family-oriented conservatives who understand the consequences of debt and bailouts on their children. OWS formed from liberal college students, public employee unions, and welfare folks. OWS folks said nothing as the private sector was severely damaged over the past three years, because they had been sheltered by massive government deficit spending in the vain hope that the private sector would magically turn around and tax revenue start to flow again. Well, now the financial storm is crashing in on them and they are in the eye of the hurricane — and so they scream for more tax revenue — except we taxpayers don’t have anymore money to bail them out with. So we welcome them to what our Great Recession feels like. Those of us in the private sector have been in one for three years. For example, in Stockton thousands of government workers are being laid off as there is no funding. It’s quite sad … but back to our story.”

  15. Timothy Yung

    Okay, I am trying to get in contact with John McDonald to find out if he really supported the bailouts. But until he gets back to me or until Jim posts the link, hang tight everyone. Again I will be extremely surprised if that were true.

  16. Timothy Yung

    Okay here is the reply from John McDonald: “I have spoken out against TARP, written against it, etc.Ricky doesn’t understand economics so he misinterprets what I say. What I said was during a credit freeze the government must inject liquidity. However there are a lot of ways to do it. But every method should be open, equal, and include the bankruptcy process if necessary. A closed process, available to foreign banks, with very few selected bankrupt banks is nothing I support.” Again I issue this challenge to anyone. Show the link that says that John McDonald supported TARP as opposed to a private bailout with private funds or more liquidity. If it can be shown that John McDonald supported the TARP bailout then I will ask Red Phillips to pull this article from the web, withdraw my support from John McDonald, apologize to the readers of this blog, and donate $20 to Ricky Gill.

  17. Rudy

    Timothy I feel you have been duped by John McDonald-luckily very few voters in the District have fallen for his nonsense. I don’t question your conservative credentials as you seem to be a legitimate Patriot but please ask John McDonald how he responded to the TARP question at the Bay Area News Group (Contra Costa Times) candidate forum about a week ago. They have not posted a video of that meting (perhaps they will if you request it) but I understand that John McDonald saddled up next to McNerney on being for TARP bailouts and in fact criticized Mr. Gill for not supporting them. That does not sound like the kind of conservative I will ever support. On the abortion issue one has to look no further than Mr. Gill’s own website where he states he is Pro Life. My wife who works for the NRLC just confirmed he filled out their questionnaire satisfactorily as well (it’s an important issue to me). Desperate people say and do desperate things. I for one am not going encourage anyone to vote for this “Barnum and Bailey’s Circus” called the John McDonald campaign. Feel free to let me know if you can get that video Timothy.

  18. Timothy Yung

    First I apologize for my comments about hacking. It was in the heat of the moment. @Rudy, Ricky Gill’s website says he supports the Hyde Amendment which bans federal funds for abortion. However his opposition to abortion does not appear to go beyond that. Many pro-choice people like Rudy Guiliani support the Hyde Amendment also. The NRLC has a less stringent definition of what pro-life means as it support Scott Brown and gave him a 75% rating. Pay close attention to what he says about abortion in the National Journal article:
    He states that abortion is not in my political vernacular.

  19. Ron Dillon

    Hello, all,

    I was sent a link to this site because it was thought I would be interested in your discussion of John Mc Donald and his campaign for Congress.

    I live in Mountain House, where John McDonald lives. I recall clearly the last election we had here for the Mountain House Board of Directors. Jass Singh ran for a seat, based on his opposition to the town general manager’s pay raise and Singh’s opposition to it. John McDonald quickly latched on to Singh’s campaign, going so far as to write Jass’ flyers, position papers, responses to voter’s questions, etc. Jass’ efforts very quickly went negative. Jass attacked anyone who disagreed with him and published fliers packed with mistruths and manipulations of facts with the sole purpose misleading voters. Singh made promises to voters he knew he couldn’t keep. Why is this important? It’s important because McDonald wrote this stuff for Singh. He used his sales and marketing skills to spin yarns for the highest impact and greatest level of plausible deniability. John McDonald has gladly taken credit for getting Jass Singh elected, who now faces a popular recall for his actions. (If I remember correctly, Singh is McDonald’s largest financial contributor and is McDonald’s campaign advisor and primary fund raiser.) John McDonald is seen as conniving, deceptive, and many have even said “sleazy.”

    McDonald’s campaign is being run exactly the same way – hit pieces making veiled, unfounded allegations, campaign signs in front of vacant houses, smear tactics, manipulation of facts, etc. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: John McDonald is intellectually dishonest. This is the biggest problem I have with him and it seems many, many others do, too. Point for point, I agree with McDonald on way more issues that not. However, I cannot support someone whose ethics permit such malicious behavior. I canot support someone who seems to be devoid of the character and grace I demand in my elected representatives. Supporting John McDonald is supporting politics as usual – divisive, destructive, polarizing. If honesty and integrity mean anything to you, please demand that from your representatives ad vote accordingly.

    Thanks for the opportunity to present my opinion and I look forward to reading the rest of the articles on this site and learning from them.



  20. Rudy

    John McDonald just posted his latest financial filing for his campaign and he has 2.5 times more Debt than Cash on Hand! In other words his campaign owes much more money than he has in the bank. Timothy-does this type of over leveraging sound like the campaign of a true fiscal conservative? He even took a loan out from a credit union to boost his fundraising numbers (typical lame move done by desperate candidates) which are dismal to say the least. He raised $250 in his last report from individuals. Once again true conservatives understand the REAL choice in the CA-9 race is Gill. Timothy, while I’m not questioning your Patriot credentials, I just think you’ve been fooled by a “National Lampoon” type campaign. I’m glad that actual voters see right through McDonald’s garbage and his “effort” will no doubt come to an abrupt end on June 5th. We don’t like pseudo-Republicans who are funded entirely by Democrats around these parts.

  21. Mountain House Resident

    Go John McDonald Go… You are our right candidate. Mountain House loves you. You represent our conservative believes. You did the right thing for us here in Mountain House. We all support you.

  22. Rudy

    “Mountain House Resident” aka Jass Singh…nice to see you have time to write on message boards, in broken English, while you’re undergoing a recall. You are a total embarrassment of a public official. Go to if you want to know more about this laughable character who is John McDonald’s sidekick.

  23. Timothy Yung

    On his website John McDonald further clarifies what he meant by pumping liquidity into the market: Pumping liquidity means: Lower tax rates to zero for a year so people who have shown they can manage assets will be able to pick up the properities at auction and do something productive with them. It means taking SS and Medicare taxes to zero for a year to make it easier for those on the edge of paying their home loans will still be able to do so. It means zeroing out the gas tax.

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