2008 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr Endorses Mitt Romney

This after he endorsed Newt in the primary.

I promised to lay off Virgil Goode until after the election, but this is one reason I’m not so sure that ex-major party elected official are the best sort of “big name” candidates for a third party.

More on that after the election.


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5 thoughts on “2008 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr Endorses Mitt Romney

  1. Timothy Yung

    This is extremely bad move for Bob Barr. He could have at least told people to vote strategically for Romney in swing states then Johnson in safe states. Or Bob Barr could have made a lesser of two evils case for Mitt Romney. Instead he endorses outright Mitt Romney. As a side-note I have my decision on my endorsement. I have decided to endorse Virgil Goode very reluctantly. I basically had three choices for president: 1. Write-in Ron Paul 2. Virgil Goode 3. Gary Johnson
    While I agree with Gary Johnson on a greater number of issues the two issues that I disagree with Gary Johnson are the two most important issues: abortion and national sovereignty. Gary Johnson is pro-choice on abortion although he is for overturning Roe v. Wade and cutting off government funding for Planned Parenthood which makes him better on the abortion issue than Mitt Romney. Gary Johnson wants open-borders and supports national sovereignty eroding treaties like NAFTA although he is against welfare spending on illegal immigrants which makes him better on this issue than Mitt Romney.

    In Congress Virgil Goode supported the Iraqi War and the Patriot Act. However he recently stated that he regrets voting for the Patriot Act because it violates the Constitution. On foreign policy he supports a withdrawal from Iraq, Afghanistan, ending nation-building and cutting the military budget. He says that Congress must declare war.

    I choose to believe people who say that Virgil Goode has genuinely changed his mind.

    As a side-note I almost voted for Bob Barr until I found out he had a pro-choice running mate Wayne Allen Root. Finally I live in California so I am not sure about ballot-access. If Virgil Goode has not demonstrated enough separation from his previous support of the Iraqi War and Patriot Act or if he does not have ballot access, I will write-in Ron Paul.

  2. RedPhillips Post author

    Timothy, it makes Barr look like a pathetic groveler. Self-respect alone should keep him from doing this just four years after his own third party run.

    Goode is trying to get the AIP ballot line in CA. The AIP used to be affiliated with the national CP, but no longer is.

  3. Timothy Yung

    @2, I will write an e-mail soon to Virgil Goode.
    @3, as someone who write-in Chuck Baldwin in 2008, I am well of the issues that are occurring. The AIP convention has been moved to August so it will be a while before we know for certain. I believe that they moved the convention so that the AIP leadership can hold off giving Virgil Goode ballot access until they can extract concessions from the CP and are also trying to see if they can launch a national party.

  4. RedPhillips Post author

    “are also trying to see if they can launch a national party.”

    Yes, I reported on this at Independent Political Report. But it’s laughable. The bunch of misfits who run the CA AIP can’t tie their own shoes. How do they expect to start a national party?

    Besides, there is no room on the “far right” for an interventionist party. The far right is now mainly non-interventionist. All the rapid interventionists remain reasonably happy in the GOP and aren’t going anywhere.

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