Anti-Racists Attack European Heritage Group in Illinois

Well, let’s see how much press this gets.

I wonder why ABC News put anti-racists in quotes. That’s exactly what these self-loathing idiots call themselves. Notice these punks came wielding “steel batons” and “hammers.” It figures they weren’t up for a fair fight. If they came empty handed I suspect every one white nat could take out at least two anti-racist pukes.

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About Filmer

Filmer is the Conservative Times username for a paleoconservative political activist. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, Sir. Robert Filmer (1588 - 1653) is a largely forgotten English political theorist who deserves more attention from conservative scholars. He was a (the?) main contemporary opponent to Locke and his social contract theory. Possibly as an artifact of Kirk, modern conservatives have largely stopped tracing conservative thought at Burke. This is unfortunate. A potential outcome of this is that you are just as likely to hear "conservatives" spouting Lockean silliness as you are liberals. Hopefully a revival of conservative interest in Filmer will be awakened by the increased interest in paleoconservatism.

10 thoughts on “Anti-Racists Attack European Heritage Group in Illinois

  1. RonL

    Go assault a Black Panther meeting or a La Raza event and see how long it takes before you are prosecuted for a hate crime.

    I am not a fan of the group. Frankly there is nothing more pathetic or mentally ill than non-Germanic people who are pro-Nazi. However, mental illness is not a crime. Attacking people based on race and belief is. Of course the Holder injustice department has made it clear that civil rights protections do not apply to whites.

  2. RedPhillips

    “Frankly there is nothing more pathetic or mentally ill than non-Germanic people who are pro-Nazi.”

    The best are the pro-Nazi Slavs.

  3. Kirt Higdon

    I can’t help but notice that for all the big talk about race war from the race warriors, when it comes to actual street fighting, they can’t even hold their own against Marxist “anti-racists” and black bloc anarchists, all of whom are rather pale-skinned. When even the most belligerent of white storm troopers, “self-loathing idiots” or not, are on the other side, how do the keyboard race warriors figure they can take on the MS-13 or the Black Muslims.

  4. Feltan

    It sounds like natural ordering to me. Two groups of people that truly deserve each other.


  5. roho

    Ideology is not the point?……….If left handed ping pong players are having a peaceful dinner, and one legged bicyclist attack them in a premeditated confrontation, the ping pong players are not guilty of anything.

  6. john devitt

    white people are not allowed to exist anymore ….all you hear is tolerance
    they use words to trick you into destroying yourself and your heritage there used to be wars over race …culture …but now all are wars are over trying to integrate 3rd world garbage into our societies…. we put tem in our military ..our police force out schools …its idiotic …and we bring them over here build them mosques so they can pray to allah . and then blow us up . its sad ..we spend trillions of dollars invading these crap hole muslim countries ..and at the same time bring them over here to kill us …and destroy our race and coulture

  7. john devitt

    one more thing people hate because they love …you see your wife or children hurt hate that …when you see something you love deeply …destroyed you hate that ! our beautiful white babies …you hate that …but people are afraid to outwardly express love for there European heritage for fear of being attacked or killed….I grew up in south mpls and was attacked a lot …luckily im kind of a bad ass …so I was able to fight off the packs of angry blacks ..trying to steal my bike my clothes ect…called racial slurs …maybe they were anti-racists also I , will go out on a limb and say that the more blacks you bring to America the more rape , robbery , and murder will grow …I mean just look at there countries. A re white people really this stupid or have they been brain washed , and guilt tripped

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