Romney Wussing Out on Immigration Already

One thing previously in Romney’s favor has been that he took a harder line stand on immigration than did some of his opponents. But in the wake of Obama’s amnesty by fiat, he is already starting to cave. Jim Antle has the story. Is anyone really shocked that Flip-Flop Mitt is already caving?

His proposals include unspecified increases in legal immigration, more green cards for family reunification and immigrants who receive advanced degrees at American universities, a path to citizenship for immigrants who serve in the military, but no real word of amnesty for the vast majority of illegal immigrants…

… All in all, Romney is staking out a position to the right of both George W. Bush and John McCain’s if not quite the same in tone as the attrition strategy he advocated during the primaries…

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5 thoughts on “Romney Wussing Out on Immigration Already

  1. Feltan


    What bothers me about Romney, and in this case his immigration policy, is that it is void of principle. He isn’t hammering a stake in the ground and saying, yeah verily, this is what the Constitution demands and this I will defend.

    Rather, he seems to be threading and rethreading the needle with a set of positions that won’t anger his base and won’t totally alienate the independent voting block.

    Maybe that is what one must do to get elected. However, I have no doubt he will display variance from these stated positions, perhaps a lot of variance, should he get into the office.


  2. Jared

    I’m shocked! Romney has always been the epitome of consistency, so this is a huge curve ball.

  3. Matt Weber

    Is he caving because this is what he really thinks, or is he caving because he thinks it will help him win the election? Immigration is such a back-burner issue that I don’t see it affecting his chances one way or the other.

  4. Rusty

    Imported slave labor is enormously profitable for the big-biz, big-gov alliance (a.k.a., Fascism). It has always been so and it always ends up destroying the country/empire which practices it. Greece, Rome, GB, and now the USSR all died because the native populations were swamped with their imported slaves who out-produced them in terms of manual and maternal labor. It is estimated that by the time of Greece’s and Rome’s demise, they had less than 10-20% of native blood remaining to carry on the country. Being a tiny minority in Houston, I can tell you that it is a soul-crushing experience to lose your country to these barbarians. Family life suffers tremendously. The white youth see no future and give up themselves to masturbatory activities of all kinds. American “conservatives,” judging from their ongoing charity and GOP activities, don’t care about their own children/grandchildren. They are happy to sacrifice us all to the New Babylonian Project, just so long as they can “be nice.”

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