More Details on Romney’s Immigration Cave-in

From Jim Antle at American Spectator:

  • Romney wants to “grow our economy by growing legal immigration,” according to a campaign fact sheet
  • He would raise caps on high-skilled immigrant visas
  • He would also streamline the temporary worker visa process
  • Expedite family reuinfication
  • Create a path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants who serve honorably in the military
  • Balance this with a fairly strong illegal immigration policy including e-verify, better safeguards for people overstaying visas, and completing the border fence (emphasis mine)
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7 thoughts on “More Details on Romney’s Immigration Cave-in

  1. Matt Weber

    Aren’t illegals barred from joining the military?

    Expedite family reunification? What is the benefit of this? It seems like a strange plank.

    We hear a lot about how clunky the immigration process is, but what do people have in mind for something like ‘streamline the temporary worker visa process’?

  2. C Bowen (Hawthorne)

    If Romney were an honest scoundrel, he would offer something like expedite the worker visa, but deny the franchise, limit welfare state access, and not grant Affirmative Action privileges.

    But of course, the powers that be do not care if Romney wins or not, only that policy consensus is preserved–cheap labor for big corporations, Republican thinking, and social service clients for the Democrats.

    Any sign that Romney understands the politics involved–that he might be remotely classically trained/educated, are dispersed.

  3. Feltan


    Not sure on the rules today, but the military used to screen for education (high school diploma), working English proficiency, and prior convictions/drug use. I had soldiers from various national backgrounds working for me in the past (> 20+ years ago).

    A given U.S. infantry platoon would likely be 1/3rd Puerto Rican, Somoan and Mexican plus an occasional Eastern European.

    Not sure how many were legal prior to joining, but the other screening criteria kept the volunteers at some minimal level of compentency.


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  5. Rusty

    “Cave-in” makes it sound like Romney is doing this against his will. Romney has always been a big-government, big-biz liberal. He is just being consistent with his nature. Romney will be a figurehead for the continuation of Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama. Romney will not repeal any of the millions of laws and policies enacted over the last few decades. He will continue the Marxist/globalist project just like the rest of the elites. Why not? He gets even richer and more powerful and no one in charge will oppose him. He will be enormously popular socially among “conservative” leaders as well. The elites are holding all the power, all the money, all the big media, all the big businesses, all the banks, everything that matters. There is no serious opposition whatever. This all should be obvious to the most casual observer.

  6. roho

    Rusty………….I agree. Like Professional Wrestling, when I caught the two opponents having a drink and dinner together after the big match.

    All conservative elites did, was allow Wall Street to destroy the middleclass private sector unions, while the liberal elites agreed to the government unions, creating more profits for all elites, with the new class being paid out of tax dollars.

    Wealthy liberals are stock holders just like wealthy conservatives.

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