The Real Question Conservatives Should be Asking about Romney

Who are we going to get to primary this loser in 2016?

Of course I’m trying to be funny, but I’m also serious. Significant deviations  should be punished at every opportunity – by challenges in the GOP primary and by third parties in the general. Since a primary challenge against a sitting President is unlikely to succeed, it is a good chance to make ideological points. The all-bluster far left failed to mount a serious challenge to Obama in the primaries and came away looking like nothing but a bunch of windbags as a result. Serious conservatives need to avoid the same fate, and start grooming potential challengers now.

Besides, primary challenges are fun, exciting and help draw lines and distinguish friend from foe.

Any suggestions?

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5 thoughts on “The Real Question Conservatives Should be Asking about Romney

  1. Kirt Higdon

    I really didn’t hear any bluster at all from the far left. Those few who opposed Obama were so far outside the mainstream that there was never a prospect of a primary challenge. As far as a challenge to Romney in 2016 is concerned, Justin Amash looks pretty good, but it would be helpful if he could get elected to something higher than representative in 2014. If Romney is not elected, Amash might do well in an open field. His Arab background, however, would definitely be a handicap.

  2. Rusty

    Conservatives are dumb dogs, just like the rank and file liberals. They will never ask serious questions because they are stupid, greedy fools. To them, it is all just RedTeam-BlueTeam football, as the MSM has long ago figured out. Democracy is a horrible, horrible system of government, especially when it is filled with 10′s of millions of low-class non-Europeans who are much more comfortable with a strong-man, Marxist-type government.

    People tend to get the kind of government they deserve. Which means that we are in really, really big trouble.

  3. C Bowen (Hawthorne)

    If our people get the concept, we will no longer need an actual challenger.

    Just folks who will vote no, in all its forms, on the first ballot.

    Change the strategical thinking.

  4. roho

    Romney will not win as I sit here in Alabama trying to figure out how my 9 conservative, electoral votes will overcome California’s 55 liberal electoral votes?………The numbers no longer work in a 200 year old system.

    Failed immigration by the likes of Ted Kennedy over a long period has done it’s destruction…………….It’s over.

  5. Feltan

    I am less concerned with a potential Republican primary nominee than I am with a good third party candidate.

    Rusty’s comment about the Red-Blue football game is spot on — as long as the discussion is narrowly defined, fundamental changes that are needed will be elusive. The concept that both major parties are simply ignoring the Constitution isn’t part of the national discussion, and it damn well should be!


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