Ha Ha! Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Flops at the Box Office

#3 this weekend at $16.5 million. It’s budget was $70 million.

I knew it was going to flop, but was still rooting hard that it would. I have been in a couple of movies where there was a trailer for ALVH and the general audience response was not “That looks cool” or “I’ve gotta see that” but “Huh?” and “What?” The movie is based off a popular book, but if you aren’t familiar with the book then the premise just seems stupid.

It couldn’t happen to a better fictionalized President. We already have to put up with the equally farcical Abraham Lincoln as great President and Abraham Lincoln as savior of the nation, do we really need Abraham Lincoln as vampire slayer?

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8 thoughts on “Ha Ha! Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Flops at the Box Office

  1. Kirt Higdon

    Timing couldn’t have been worse for Old Abe. He gets to be a Vampire Slayer in the wake of vampires being transformed into the ultimate of cool. Every guy wants to be one and every girl wants one for a boyfriend.

  2. Matt Weber

    Apparently it is a sort of Civil War allegory where the South has vampires. I saw Brave instead, so I don’t know any more than that. The concept isn’t terrible, just cheesy.

  3. kadee

    Interesting correlation between vampires, the Confederate Army, and the Tea Party. All in the same horrific, murderous boat with the same desire – to replace the present government with one of their own – based solely on their determination to destroy the constitutional rights of the downtrodden.

  4. Rusty

    The bright light to all this is that the younger generations are seeing that the empire is in serious trouble, that things need to change in a big way, and that completely new attitudes are required to do that. They are figuring out that the RedTeam-BlueTeam game has been leading their parents around in circles. Many white kids today are no longer being cowed by “racist, bigot, supremacist, nazi.” The “gangster” look is becoming a joke. Homeschooling is still producing good kids and the universities have noticed. These are positive and hopeful signs. From these kids will eventually come a few new leaders, the “John Connors” who can lead our traditionalist remnant. I hope I can help and join their struggle.

  5. Chris Mallory

    After this I am waiting for “Pol Pot: Werewolf Hunter”, “Hitler: Zombie Killer”, and the feel good buddy movie of the year “Stalin and Mao go to Vegas”.

  6. roho

    LOL!……..Chris., that is too funny!…………….”Cowboys And Alliens” was a stretch, but “St. Lincoln” as a vampire hunter could only work if Abe Foxman and Mark Potoc were his superhero sidekicks.

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