Obamacare Reaction Links

There is too much reaction to the Obamacare ruling to cover it all so I’m just going to start this links thread. I will be adding many more links as time goes on. I encourage our readers to add interesting links in the comment section, and my fellow bloggers to add links to the post.

Was Roberts bullied into changing his vote? I don’t know if he was “bullied,” but the decision sure does look like it took politics into consideration.

There is much discussion on what Roberts legal mental gymnastics means for the Commerce Clause. See Slate.

Professor Knippenberg at First Things.

From Michael Peroutka’s website.

James Antle on “John Roberts’ Betrayal

Here is Antle’s Obamacare Wrap-up.

Rod Dreher doesn’t get what conservatives are so upset about. I don’t get why The American Conservative doesn’t change it’s name.

And speaking of the misnamed American Conservative, Scott McConnell thinks the SCOTUS decision was just dandy.

More Antle.

And still more Antle.

Doug Bandow: Did Romney surrender?

Pat Buchanan on the scoundrel Roberts.

Many more to come…

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3 thoughts on “Obamacare Reaction Links

  1. Matt Weber


    Scott McConnell is a mole.

    Kevin Drum says something incredibly stupid:

    “That’s Chief Justice John Roberts. He bought the activity/inactivity Kool-Aid completely. What’s ironic, of course, is that whatever else you think of the law, the framers of the Constitution very decidedly didn’t know the difference between doing something and doing nothing. At least, they didn’t mention anything about this in the actual Constitution they wrote. That’s a distinction invented in the 21st century, not the 18th.”


    Kevin Drum is hilarious in general.

  2. JDP

    what do you expect from AmCon? it’s not so much about providing a conservative alternative as it is mocking pop-culture conservatives and showing how jaded and “with it” it is, Buchanan aside. their only consistent principle is anti-neocon/antiwar, everything else is expendable and their other writings typically focus on tired, simplified libertarian bromides.

  3. roho

    Something is really messed up in a culture where a “Supreme” makes less than $250,000 a year, representing the United States Constitution, and Daytime “Judge Judy” makes $45 million a year representing the MSM?

    Now tell me who really runs the nation?

    As for “Dubya”, he had 6 full years where the GOP controled the WH, Both houses of congress, and he appointed Roberts……..Where was his conservatism?……….Like Professional Wrestling, it’s an illusion and they all work for the same people.


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