Gary DeMar Criticizes Third Party Voters Again (Still)

I like and respect Gary DeMar. While I don’t agree with all his theology, he is an able advocate for his positions. That’s why I have always been so baffled by his knee-jerk general election support of the Republican Party and his steadfast refusal to consider a third party candidate. (This isn’t a new position for him.)

Here is his latest “response” to the the “no lesser of two evils” argument.

You’ve heard anti-Republican critics say, “I just can’t vote for the lesser of two evils.” If this is true, then you can never vote since we’re all evil, although some are more evil than others. I have a number of Calvinist friends who use the “lesser of two evils” argument. If you know anything about Calvinism, then you know the acronym TULIP. The “T” in Tulip stands for Total Depravity. It also goes by the names total inability or total corruption. It’s not that a person is pure depravity but that all his actions and thoughts are tainted by evil. Sin has corrupted every part of our being.

This means that any choice of a political candidate is a lesser of two totally depraved people. The people that say they will not vote for the lesser of two evils will get one of the two evils whether they vote or not. In this election, they may get the greater of two evils. And it’s not just the greater evil of one man we may get, but we may get the greater of two evils when it comes to judges, new laws, executive orders, wealth confiscation, and a whole lot more. The past four years should be a wake-up call to the no lesser than two evils crowd.

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We can have a theological discussion about voting. We can even have a theological discussion about democracy. But when people make the “lesser of two evils” argument, they are not generally making a theological argument, and I think Mr. DeMar knows that. So bringing up total depravity (which you do not have to be a Calvinist to believe) may be cute, but it does not really address the issue.
I’m going to write a longer response to his article.
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10 thoughts on “Gary DeMar Criticizes Third Party Voters Again (Still)

  1. Savrola

    Pastors are by nature weak and cowardly in our society.
    I’m not sure that DeMar’s glibness qualifies for any special respect as it is a pretty common quality among the clergy.

  2. Matt Weber

    “It’s not that a person is pure depravity but that all his actions and thoughts are tainted by evil.”

    That’s exactly what it means, that a person is pure depravity. Calvinist theology can’t work at all otherwise. Calvinists literally believe that if not for God intervening, any given human would be completely unable to do anything good

    That said, it does sort of seem like one would have to be out of ideas to bring up Calvinist theology as a reason to vote Republican.

    I also dislike lines like this:

    “The past four years should be a wake-up call to the no lesser than two evils crowd.”

    Because they are almost always given without example of what on Earth is supposed to make Obama such an abomination. I’m not convinced that Obamacare is some sort of point of no return, whereby anyone who would propose such a thing clearly wants America destroyed. I sometimes annoyingly find myself agreeing with the left about the right’s psychology.

  3. Kirt Higdon

    As the HP Lovecraft cultists put it a few election cycles ago, “Vote for Cthulhu. Why settle for the lesser evil?”

    Seriously, the whole problem with the lesser evil argument is that the greater evil sets the pace in a race to the bottom with the lesser evilists following close behind.

  4. Augustinian

    Agreed. As an ardent Calvinist Anglican, I have high regard for much of DeMar’s work, but his constant GOP cheerleading baffles me, and has done so for several years.

    Besides, how can Christian “conservatives” argue voting FOR an explicitly non-Christian heretic?

    Furthermore, how much “lesser of two evils” is unabashed support for another Mideast war on behalf of another country?

  5. Feltan

    What if the lesser of two evils is still really evil — what if you can’t distinguish who is two shades more evil?

    Would a conservative vote for Stalin over, say, Mao Tse Tung because Stalin was a teeny weeny less evil than Mao?

    A conservative shouldn’t vote for either. In this upcoming election, Obama has proven himself a socialist and a tyrant. Romney has previously shown himself to be a man of little conviction other than his own self-interest. Neither of them deserve the highest office in this land.


  6. RedPhillips Post author

    Sav, DeMar has a theological degree, but as far as I know he is not a pastor nor does he represent himself as such.

  7. RedPhillips Post author

    I decided to change the title. I don’t agree with his logic, but Gary DeMar is a serious person. On reconsideration, I didn’t think it was fair or helpful to accuse him of “shilling” just to have a snappy sounding title.

  8. Stonewall

    What baffles me is the fact that DeMar is a theonomist and those folks are usually very purist when it comes to how they vote. According to the rhetoric of Christian Reconstructionists, Mormons ought to be stoned to death rather than being put into political office.

  9. RedPhillips Post author

    Yes Stonewall, it is very baffling. Stoning heretics aside, Reconstructionists are generally the ones who make the strongest case for some sort of voting ethics and against voting for anyone that is not a Christian at the least.

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