On Christian Cultural Marxism. Russell Moore and other Useful Idiots.

jim-jones-rainbow-familyOn Christian Cultural Marxism. Russell Moore and other Useful Idiots.

By Walter Everly (reprinted from Invetors’ News)

During the recent debates surrounding the firing of John Derbyshire from National Review for writing the politically incorrect truth that everyone knows to be true, many people began to notice what others had noticed for a long time:  the function of Conservativism Inc. (i.e. mainstream “conservatism”) is not to battle the left but to police the real right.

On a recent email list, this line of thought got people to thinking:  perhaps the same is true for Conservative Christianity Inc. (i.e. mainstream “conservative” Christianity).  Perhaps the purpose of Conservative Christianity Inc. is not to battle the left but to silence and mislead conservative Christians. What’s most notable is that many so-called conservative Christian leaders today peddle what is essentially Cultural Marxism repackaged as “Christianity,” and the sheeple uncritically consume it.

While the candidates for such sinister work are many (neocon Timothy Dolan, John Piper, Richard LandLeith Anderson, et al.), here I will focus on Russell D. Moore, Dean of the School of Theology and Senior Vice President for Academic Administration at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS), since many conservatives have been criticizing him recently, and,  most importantly, since The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is supposed to be one of the more conservative Baptist seminaries in the USA.

Where to begin?  Much could be said about Russell Moore’s subtle anti-Western assumptions, but here I’ll  focus on some of his more egregious positions.

1)  On the issue of immigration, “Russell Moore has sided with the Third World and against the West,” as others have noted.  Moore openly supports the Third World invasion of Western countries, esp. the USA.  Employing the censorship methods of Cultural Marxists, Moore thinks that discussions should be prohibited that relate to immigrants driving down American wages or immigrants draining social services. Moore has gone so far as to write a resolution criticizing European Americans who oppose their own dispossession from the  institutions their ancestors built.   The conservative Christian blog the Dow Blog has published extensively how Moore’s position resembles not traditional Christianity but Cultural Marxism, a stated purpose of which is the dispossession of Europeans worldwide.  See Pt. I, Pt. II, Pt. III.  (Patrick Cleburne comments here, here, here, and here.)

2) A second facet of Moore’s Cultural Marxism is his fanatical support of transracial adoption (vide Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families & Churches), which in essence tells Westerners to forsake their own inclusive fitness for the sake of non-Westerners.   When Part Robertson sensibly stated, “You do not have to take on somebody else’s problems,” implicitly criticizing all the nutjob multicult Christians running off to Africa or Haiti to adopt black children, Moore went into crybaby PC meltdown.  Here, Moore doesn’t even conceal his own pathetic ethnomasochism.  As implied by conservative Christian blogger Generation5 (here and here), Moore’s fanatical support of transracial adoption is a betrayal of traditional Christian realism and a championing of Cultural Marxism.

3) Another recent example of Moore’s Cultural Marxism is his opposition to laws opposing the Islamification of Western countries. This is what Louis Pauwels has called “Mental AIDS,” where, as with real AIDS  one’s body cannot distinguish between what’s beneficial and harmful, infected Christians do not oppose a religion that clearly seeks to replace Christianity.

4) The list could go on and on.  For instance, Moore seems to support the Cultural Marxist line that “race is unimportant,” although traditional Christianity always recognized racial differences and thought race mattered. Nonetheless, Moore is quick to label his opponents with the Cultural Marxist charge of “racism.” More recently, people who follow Moore’s Twitter feed told me that Moore has been going on rants about “white supremacist Darwinists.” Moore must subscribe to Trotskyite Lysenkoism? Or Liberal Creationism? In reality,  from what I can see, most of the anti-Moore criticism seems to come from conservative Christians.  On Twitter recently Moore has even gone so far as to invite the radical black-liberation preacher CJ Rhodes to visit SBTS (with free room and board!) and suggested to him that he get a degree at SBTS with a focus in “black church.”  What about white church, Russ?  What about Pro-Western Christianity?  Oh yea, ethnomasochism.  The now left-wing SBTS must be going the way of Jeremiah Wright!

Of course, all of this does not mean that Moore is a conscious Cultural Marxist; he probably has never even read anything written by Cultural Marxists.  Rather, Moore has probably imbibed Cultural Marxist ideas from popular culture and has then repackaged them as Christian.

People on an email list have suggested that Moore might suffer from pathological altruism, ethnomasochism, or pathetic beta maleness.  People in the field of theology have told me that Moore isn’t the brightest person, so, regardless of his condition, I suspect he’s uncritically repackaging Cultural Marxist platitudes as Christian, which raises the bigger question:  Why is someone so grossly incompetent the Dean of the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary?

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, moving in the direction of the Rainbow Coalition, no longer seems to be a beacon of traditional Baptist Christianity it once was and the truly devout should be weary about studying there.


Russell Moore has really been drinking the Cultural Marxist Kool-Aid.  He seems to have mistaken Cultural Marxism for traditional Christianity.  Poor guy.  Here’s a recent tweet referring to this article as “white supremacist, hyper-Darwinist, anti-orphan eugenics propaganda” and another referring to it as being promoted  by a “group of white supremacist eugenicists.”  Moore here is deliberately trying to mislead his followers, since, as I noted previously, most of the anti-Moore criticism comes from conservative Christians. Seriously, Russ, take a deep breath, stop with the maudlin hyperventilation, watch this video (everyone’s talking about it), purify your mind of all the politically correct clichés that you’ve imbibed from Cultural Marxism, and at least try to be rational.  *Yawn*


Articles emailed by a reader:

Religious perspective:

James Edwards: “A Biblical Perspective on Immigration Policy

Generation5: “Reconsidering Interracial Adoption

Nil Desperandum: “Bloodlines: John Piper’s Assault on the Hereditary Family

Nil Desperandum: “A Response to Dr. Moore’s Opinions on Immigration and Race

David Opperman: “A Defense of Traditional Christianity

Secular Perspective:

Steven A Camarota: “74.7% of Mexican immigrants use some form of welfare in the USA” and “Legal and Illegal Immigration Driving Down American Wages

Peter Dodds: “International Adoption: In Whose Best Interest?

Steve Sailer: “Where Dawkins Fears To Tread: Ethnic Nepotism And The Reality Of Race

Frank Salter: “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is It Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?”

Jared Taylor: “Pathological Altruism



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32 thoughts on “On Christian Cultural Marxism. Russell Moore and other Useful Idiots.

  1. Nathan

    I used to read Russell Moore but his shift to hyper political correctness has made him unbearable to read. Good expose!

  2. Sarah

    Russell Moore really probably is the current Jim Jones of the USA – by that I mean the representative of the rainbow coalition. His unhinged obsession with interracial adoption gives him away.

    Better hope Moore’s cult followers don’t find out about this post — they’ll come over here and flood it with negative comments.

  3. Tricky Ricky

    “Better hope Moore’s cult followers don’t find out about this post — they’ll come over here and flood it with negative comments.”

    Please go direct them here. I say bring it on.

    They need to read this.

  4. Barb

    I wondered what all the stink was about at Moore’s twitter account. I always had my doubts about him and this confirms them. Thanks for writing it.

  5. robert m. peters

    From time to time, I still pick up “First Things,” a magazine which I used to relish reading until its subtle shift to a neo-con voice. In this month’s addition, I found an article written by Timothy George, Dean of the Beeson Divinity School and chairman of the board of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. The Beeson Divinity School is a party of Samford University in Birmingham. He wrote a piece in First Things entitled “Southern Baptists’ Long Journey.”

    Here is a quote from the article which give the tenor and the flavor:

    “… but it also reinforced the sacralizing of Southern apartheid, which made 11 a.m. on Sunday the most segregated hour of the week….”

    It is typical Marxist progressivism, i.e. we are so much better than our ancestors, and we have the authority to sit in judgment on them.

    One might assume that Dr. George and Dr. Moore know one another.

  6. RedPhillips

    Maybe it’s just me, but Jim Jones has always reminded me of the country singer George Jones. When I first saw the picture I thought “What does George Jones have to do with Russell Moore?”

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  8. Richard Channing

    I didn’t know much about this Russell Moore until this weekend but after reading up about him I have to say that he is nearly a certifiable lunatic.

    It is a strange brand of “Christianity” that makes common cause with a black liberation “theologian”.

    It is also a strange brand of “Christianity” that attacks it’s opponents as “white supremists” so easily. Christians (in theory) are supposed to love their “enemies”. What kind of “Christianity” is this Moore fellow subscribing to when a black liberation guy is treated with respect and conservative Christians are attacked?

    This Moore fellow seems to be off his rocker.

  9. Fr. John+

    “May I ask why you gentlemen feel the need to stay two weeks behind the Kinists?”- Savrola

    Perhaps because there are many of us who don’t think they have ALL the answers.

    Great post. Being ‘out of the loop’ vis a vis Baptistic things, I wouldn’t doubt the thesis of your article.

    The Communists clearly subverted the Catholic Church, starting in the early days of the Modernist cause, with the “Syllabus of Errors” for Roman priests, in 1905. After the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the antichrists sought to destroy Orthodoxy, and did so via the Sergianists. Machen talked about the takeover of the PCUSA in his day, and each successive ‘takeover’ has been the increasing socialist/liberalization of the faith ‘one delivered unto the saints.’

    How is this done, if not by infiltrating ALL the seminaries, adopting heresy as normalcy (Dispensationalism by the SBTS, and the televangelists) to avoid speaking the Truth about, say, Isra-Hell, as Joe Cortina calls it, etc. And, while we’re at it, have the head of the NAE be a butt-boy for a gay pimp, and make the SBC a haven for race-mixers, and other deviants…..

    If the SBC falls, clearly the South will have NO large structure to stand on, to continue what the folks over at Occidental Dissent are calling the “Yankee Supremacist” view of history. And that would be horrific to behold. Oh, wait. Detroit, SBPDL, LA, College Football, Bell Curve, Multiculturalism, Black on White crime, Obummer.

    Sorry. We’re already there.

  10. Fr. John+

    ” Why is someone so grossly incompetent the Dean of the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary?”

    Didn’t you just answer your own question?

    (Sorry, baptist bashing humor… I mean, they think CI Scofield is the fourth member of the Trinity, right?)

  11. Kirt Higdon

    “The Communists clearly subverted the Catholic Church, starting in the early days of the Modernist cause, with the “Syllabus of Errors” for Roman priests, in 1905.”

    The Syllabus of Errors, a list of condemned propositions, was promulgated by Pope Pius IX in 1864, so aside from getting the substance, the source and the date wrong, the above sentence seems perfectly accurate.

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  13. Bluff Bunny

    There is so much strife caused by the race issue, and most of the time no matter where you stand, if you want to discuss this you are called a ‘RACIST’.

    I have wondered about this for a long time: God could have made us all the same.

    He didn’t.

    Can anyone tell me why He created different races if He didn’t intend them to BE different?

    Therefore, by trying to force us all to be the same, are we not going against HIS will?

  14. Weaver

    Bluff, since we came from Adam and Eve, it could be argued He didn’t make us different. We changed over time.

    The arguments I see for separation are: 1. You cannot create a Christian world society because man is too flawed, but you can bring about smaller Christian societies. Borders allow for laws and traditions to be maintained so that such can endure. You can attempt to help others, but you lose all with empire.

    2. Value and flavour is given to particularities by diversity. A man in a vast city is but one in a million, in the world 1 in 7 billion. But another man with a particular occupation in a particular place and culture: He’s unique. This man has a place he belongs, people he belongs with. And the people he’s around: He knows them. They have unique value to him.

    Similarly a woman loves her child because it’s her own, because of particular attachment, not because it’s “best” in some means of testing. Out of 7 billion, most children are unimpressive. But to a mother, each is valuable.

    From the great GK Chesterton:

    The fundamental spiritual advantage of patriotism and such sentiments is this: that by means of it all things are loved adequately, because all things are loved individually. Cosmopolitanism gives us one country, and it is good; nationalism gives us a hundred countries, and every one of them is the best. Cosmopolitanism offers a positive, patriotism a chorus of superlatives. Patriotism begins the praise of the world at the nearest thing, instead of beginning it at the most distant, and thus it insures what is, perhaps, the most essential of all earthly considerations, that nothing upon earth shall go without its due appreciation. Wherever there is a strangely-shaped mountain upon some lonely island, wherever there is a nameless kind of fruit growing in some obscure forest, patriotism insures that this shall not go into darkness without being remembered in a song.

  15. Jesse Brogan

    The Christian Faith is a corporate entity, and was initiated with the concept of believers gathered to have all things in common (Acts of the Apostles). The deeper challenge is inherent in the founder’s inability to accept the teaching or ministry of Jesus as foundation. For a most startling observation, there is nothing in the written record where Jesus calls people together for the corporate worship of God. That was not his ministry. Neither is there a source for corporate benevolence and outreach; Jesus served those who came to him – their decision leading. He didn’t even forgive sins; he forgave sinners – witnessing the great divergence from his teaching to woo the Jews to accept Jesus as their Christ. The challenge is what to do about it, considering that the church is the people in voluntary corporate organization.

  16. Lois

    God clearly told us NOT to intermingle, intermarry with other races. We are to take care of, first, our own family, then our OWN KINDRED.

    The intent of the ungodly enemy within is to destroy all white Judeo/Christian nations. We can’t take care of the world. Each nation should take care of their own people.

    The Bible’s Word, wisdom is priceless. Other peoples don’t have that knowledge, do not have the same principles, values as the Judeo/Christian faith.

    The Bible clearly states we are not to allow immigration into our land peoples that we have nothing in common, people who will cause us turmoil.

    This nation, the U.S., was created/founded by white Europeans, rooted in the Judeo/Christian faith. The problem is the seminaries/churches I believe were infiltrated by the enemy within…just as they have infiltrated all other institutions….government, education, media, entertainment, finance..the list goes on and on.

  17. Jim


    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  18. Bluff Bunny

    Jim is 100% right!

    Japan does not ‘encourage’ blacks or muslims to immigrate there, as do many other countries, but the rest of the world obviously thinks that’s OK. Many other countries have immigration rules that do not allow certain races or people.

    WHY is it only America who must allow this flood of invaders to come here and enjoy the benefits that Americans have worked for?

    Our older Americans are seeing their benefits, that WE worked for and WE are entitled to have, shrinking bit by bit, because we are now being forced to support millions of people from other countries who never worked a day for them.

    If we went back to the OLD method of immigration, when legal immigrants must agree to NOT go on any government programs for 5 years or so and must support themselves, it might be more fair. That way we would not be saddled with all these people who don’t speak our language, have no skills and survive on ‘FREE’ benefits given by our government ( i.e. buying votes for their party).

    This is SO BAD that one group of africans who were brought here and dumped, nearly starved because no one showed them how to use a can opener! They HAD canned food but had no idea how to get to it! Not likely candidates for ANY job that would allow them to support themselves, nor contribute much to our society. And all these people are competing for the jobs OUR young people used to do, to start into the workforce. No wonder teens and recent grads can’t find work!

    Along those same lines, I take issue with various churches that are bringing many of these immigrants here, only to get them put on every possible free government program there is!

    If you looked at all the ‘free’ programs our government GIVES immigrants, you would be shocked! Usually it includes free housing, free medical care, GRANTS (not loans) to start new businesses, free education -including college, and it just goes on and on.

    WE are forced to pay for all of this, while OUR children do not get this kind of help. No wonder our birthrate is dropping. AMERICANS cannot afford to have more children. I do believe this IS planned genocide.

    Some complain that they don’t want to be forced to pay for contraceptives for others, _I_ don’t want to pay for free benefits all these people are getting…FAR MORE than contraceptives cost!

    I’m sure the bleeding-heart liberals out there will have a cow while reading this, but we are BROKE….OUT OF MONEY…and I truly believe that charity begins at home….MY country and MY people.

    Am I sorry for those who don’t have it as good as we do? CERTAINLY. But we cannot go on trying to fix the rest of the world, while OUR country is being destroyed.

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  20. Avis ferndaleavis

    Catholics have the same problem. I have a hard time finding a mass in that’s said in English in CA. Mass is in Spanish now.

  21. Casu Marzu

    Hank Hanegraaff (The Bible Answer Man) has commented on his show that the glossolalia at the original Pentecost was a reversal of the confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel.

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  23. Fr. John+

    “Bluff, since we came from Adam and Eve, it could be argued He didn’t make us different. We changed over time.”

    Weaver, I’m calling your ‘bluff’ on Bluff.

    YHWH God did NOT create all hominids from Adam and Eve. That is a narrow-minded, no more than 100 year old Protestant Evangelical READING into Holy Scripture, that has no basis in fact.

    Adam – as it clearly means in the Hebrew- is someone who is ‘fair, ruddy, able to [visibly] blush.’ We ALL know this, who have studied the Word of God for more than a year. Jewish authors know this too. That’s why they clearly see themselves (wrongly, but still) as “G-d’s Chosen People.” And they have held to that self-electing, RACIAL meme for over four thousand years!

    While I deny (as does Holy Mother Church) the Jews as anything approaching a ‘Chosen People’ [ Rev. 2:8,9, John 8:44] today, SOMEONE has to fulfill that role. And it’s not the Muslims, either!

    As we break free of the stranglehold of 300 years of Enlightenment film-flam, and 1000 years of filioquist heresy, whether Roman/Papal or Presbyterian/Protestant, we can once again realize that only ONE Race was incarnated in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it is that race ALONE to which ‘the promises belong.’ For Christ was sent ONLY to the lost sheep of the house [Gr.'oikos'- race, clan, family] of ISRAEL, and none other. As long as Christendom was synonymous with Europe, we prospered. The moment we looked to include the non-Adamic as our brother, was when the heresies began to fly thick and fast. Like this one.

    Only Adam’s seed in Seth is considered covenantally sound. Yet, where did Cain get his wife? From the HOMINIDS already preexistent in the world. Something about the lies of the ICR/Hamite claptrap rang false with me, two decades ago, and I thank God I no longer have to deal with such dung.

    Until Christendom repents of this heresy of miscegenation, we are under God’s curse. It’s that simple
    Just like the Israelites of Jesus’ day had done the same, by admitting the mixed-raced Edomites into their nation- a crime that both Josephus, the entirety of the NT authors, and the eventual destruction of Jerusalem clearly witness to. Race mixing is as the sin of Idolatry. And you should know better.



  24. Weaver

    I’m often guilty of allowing philosophy to guide me. I like the conclusions Chesterton, kinists, Aquinas, Solzhenitsyn, etc. have come to in wanting a world of proud nations and distinctions. And I’m inclined to embrace how others interpret the Bible as a rock to stand on.

    It is strange how the Bible changes from applying specifically to Jews to applying to all. From the position of natural religion/Holy Spirit: I don’t feel it in my soul that I’m better than other races or otherwise special. I like being Nordic/Celtic and from the Southern US though. I like that distinction and identity even if others are perhaps more distinct than I.

    You’ve argued against me before that Christians should follow a king. I tend to prefer an aristocracy (that’s kept poor! These should be pious men: truly the “best” of a people, as the word correctly means), and I’d cite how the Jews did not always have kings.

    When I argued this though, I was citing pagans… the Greeks. Regardless of their being pagan, they were experiencing reality. I think there’s wisdom in learning from the past, learning from the tried-and-true. Such is not using reason over faith. It’s using tradition, and it doesn’t counter faith.

  25. Fr. John+

    Weaver- two things… well, three. Are you the Weaver I think you are?

    Second. You state something I would say is not predicated in the whole of Scripture.
    “It is strange how the Bible changes from applying specifically to Jews to applying to all. ”

    Never was the Gospel promise changed from the ‘am/genos/oikos’ of Israel, to all hominids.
    The Bible does not proclaim it, and the pre-schism Europe as Christendom did not, either. Where non-Caucasoids DID adopt Christianity (so-called) they all quickly fell into error (Nestorianism, Monophysitism, Eutychianism, Syncretism, etc.) And Rome, following suit after her schism, lapsed into filioquism. They thus, are not ‘Christians’ – at least not of the Ecumene. And that’s all that matters.

    Lastly, I think I prefer monarchy, but a group of ‘enlightened aristocrats’ (much like Jefferson’s egalitarianism of ontological equals) could do the trick. It’s just easier to keep track of a king, than a ‘board of directors,’ if you follow me….

  26. Weaver

    “Are you the Weaver I think you are?”

    Likely. The name’s in honour of Richard Weaver btw.

    “Lastly, I think I prefer monarchy, but a group of ‘enlightened aristocrats’ (much like Jefferson’s egalitarianism of ontological equals) could do the trick. It’s just easier to keep track of a king, than a ‘board of directors,’ if you follow me….”

    Supposedly monarchy is strongest where war or another sort of major effort is needed. Aristocrats are best at preserving a society.

    Any system should be mixed to balance power, prevent abuse; but you nevertheless get one element that’s dominant. What I mean is you could have a monarchal element and an aristocracy, as well as guilds and so forth – all wielding power at the same time; but one element would be strongest. I suppose in our society today the international bankers are strongest?

    I don’t think it’s easy to design a system, but anyway such seems to be the science of it.

    An aristocracy I think would be unable to halt a slow decay, but the decay could last a long time and could be reversed for a time with great effort. A monarch could halt the decay, but he could also destroy the society. So, a monarch is more of a gamble. And societies seem more often to fall from internal decay than from external forces.

    This is how I perceive politics to be from what I’ve read by others.

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