11 thoughts on “Virgil Goode Tweet’s About Third Party Debate

  1. Azz Blaster

    Actually, I take that back. At least Goode has the stones to never back down on the liberal media lie of Iraq not having weapons of mass destruction, but he is completely off his rocker on practically every domestic issue.

  2. Kyle Kopelovich

    Azz Blaster,

    We never found WMD in Iraq because the Iraqi’s sold them to their ally Iran. All the more reason to finally bomb those anti-semite terrorist arabs in Iran.

  3. Azz Blaster

    Are you sure it was just Iran that bought them from their ally Iraq? Some of them could have been sold to Syria, Pakistan, Cuba, Venezuela, or even Russia, hell even the Chinese might have purchased a few. Who knows how many of our enemies got their hands on Saddam’s nukes. I really don’t think that some of these liberals realize that right now as we speak America’s doomsday clock is sitting at two minutes to midnight. It is just insane isn’t it?

  4. Kyle Kopelovich

    Both of the candidates seemed to want to appear as if they are interested in bringing the troops home, stopping the wars, and using the savings to spend here in America. Let’s hope this isn’t the case, because if Americans are sick and tired of seeing body bags come home from overseas they won’t be able to stand the body bags being dragged down main street after the daily terrorist attacks occur because we aren’t overseas anymore.

  5. Kyle Kopelovich

    Ass Bluster,

    Is there no end to the stupidity of anti-war liberals who think we can live in peace when there are dozens and dozens of country that would like nothing but to destroy our great nation by giving WMD to terrorists to detonate in American cities? I don’t believe a sagacious foreign policy is one where we bring a single troop home until the IRAQI WMD’s are found and accounted for and then detonated over Iran strategically.

  6. Azz Blaster


    Most of these liberals aren’t even familiar with what a single EMP burst could do to our nation. If a terrorist ever popped an EMP burst off near our coast it would be lights out for America sending us back into a preindustrial age to which we could never recover from. Most of these left wing bloggers don’t even know that EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse.

  7. Kyle Kopelovich

    What really makes me sick is when Ron Paul and his liberal supporters rail against the NDAA and patriot act and the loss of our “civil rights”. First off, this is liberal argumentation at its finest. Secondly, Civil rights don’t have anything to do with speech, thought, or association they are about great conservative american values like diversity, gay marriage, and aboriton. Thirdly, If we don’t know what the terrorists are doing behind our backs how can we stop them? If your not hiding anything or you are not a terrorist then what do you have to hide? LIBERALS MAKE ME SICK!

  8. Nate Weinstein

    Oh, and by the way listen up all of you disgusting maggots, freedom is on the march. Nate Weinstein is still here, and Nate Weinstein is still watching vigilantly over America to make sure that little terrorist wannabes like you Paultards can’t screw up our beautiful, free country. I’m watching you. We are watching you, and we always will be.

  9. C Bowen (Hawthorne)

    Nate, Azz, and Kyle clearly have the pulse of the nation’s youth. In the minds of the youth, student loan debt is nothing compared to fear that somewhere, someone might be having a bad thought about Merica.

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