An endorsement for Virgil Goode by yours truly

TAC was gracious enough to extend to me the courtesy of giving my endorsement of Virgil Goode during this election cycle. Hopefully it may do some good. Here’s the link and you can read other endorsements as well from other TAC writers and contributors.

If I can also add, I hope after this elections regardless what happens there a few Tea Party activists who will give a Buchananite-like Constitution Party a chance at least in areas where the Republicans are the dominant political party, rather than just absorbed into the maw and going back to doing whatever it was they were doing before they woke up four years ago and found Barak Obama their new President.

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2 thoughts on “An endorsement for Virgil Goode by yours truly

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  2. Kyle Kopelovich

    It’s funny the same points you used to endorse Virgil Goode could be written to endorse some of the most bloodthirsty dictators that ever lived, such as Mao, Hitler, and Stalin.

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