Looking for a Halloween fright – Try Wolfen

I used to be a horror fan during my geek days just to gross out the girls in middle school and see their reactions. Nowadays I try to avoid horror films simply because don’t like sick or scary images stuck in my head for several days. But now and again I’ll partake in film or two, especially around Halloween, which is supposed to be the time to indulge in the macabre. There are a few movies I’ll watch. One I’d like to see again and one I would recommend is Wolfen, a story about a pack of shape-shifting wolves, living in the ruins of New York’s South Bronx in the early. The reasons I like it is that its a good story, scary without being gratuitous and because the best horror films have modicum of reality to them which only makes them scarier to think such things could happen as we are watching.

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6 thoughts on “Looking for a Halloween fright – Try Wolfen

  1. thaddeus

    John Carpenter’s The Thing ranks as the most frightening movie ever made, IMO, even if one factors out the SPFX, which were amazing for the time.

  2. Patroon

    Psycho I do have on my list and Silence of the Lambs too. Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a rip-off because the movie claimed it was based on a true story. Well as turned out the true story wasn’t about anything in Texas, but about Ed Gein. Sorry, that doesn’t fly with me.

  3. C Bowen (Hawthorne)

    I am having a chuckle–good defense. Carpenter, Craven, and Hooper, though, were all reacting to what was being put on the nightly news–that level of violent pictures.

    Where Carpenter did the Middle Class revenge fantasy (Last House on the Left–which clearly inspired the Death Wish movies), Hooper contributed to the fear of the rural (Deliverance.) But folks still debate the lasting meaning of Texas…which I should note, a late age addition gave Rene Zwelleger and Matthew McConaughey their first jobs prior to Dazed and Confused (Rene was edited out of Dazed.)

    I should add that the Texas setting had something to do with Easy Rider (a conservative film) proof being Dennis Hopper appearing in the second enstallment.

    Minor note, but the guy who played Leather Face, Gunnar Hansen, in the original lives up in Bangor–and well involved in his church.

    Living in Stephen King’s home town, a few miles from his boy hood house, for ever in fear that the dog will go nuts from a bat bite, let me suggest Needful Things, Storm of the Century and It for three, non-gory films about small towns and their secrets.

  4. Nate Weinstein

    My friends,

    As we gather together on this Halloween for a good natured frightful scare, let us use this time to remember that there are those out there who seek to bring real havoc and terror upon our lives. We must never stop taking the fight to these individuals to preserve our freedom and safety. Let us all use this time to reflect on and honor those brave men and women fighting for our freedoms overseas.

  5. Bruce

    I can remember having the you-know-what scared out of me by the trailer for wolfen when I was a young boy.

    Since we have young children at home we usually watch Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow with Bing Crosby. Not to scary for the younger children and funny for the older kids and adults.

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