Black and Hispanic Gangs Looting the East Coast?

Apparently so, from what many bloggers are saying, but don’t expect the mainstream media to report on it — not with the O up for election next week!

Some must see photos and videos from Alex Jones’ blog!

List of recent looting activity.

Jersey City on lockdown.

Looting explodes along East Coast.

Looters target Coney Island after Sandy sweeps through.

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3 thoughts on “Black and Hispanic Gangs Looting the East Coast?

  1. Kyle Kopelovich

    WOW invoking racial hatred based upon the flimsy reporting of 9/11/2000 denialist kookmonger and anti-America terrorist lap dog Alec Jones. Let’s just ignore the disproportionate amount of White crime and blame the patriotic blacks and hispanics and create our own reality. WOW! Alec Jones makes me so sick, I want to barf into an airline barf bag. Their is a reason that the ADL and SPLC consider that vile man to be a walking Hate Crimist.

  2. Kirt Higdon

    Actually, there has been limited reporting on this on TV and there will no doubt be more if the problem grows, but the problem will most likely subside as normal conditions are restored. Looting in the wake of widespread disasters is common.

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