A Conservative Heritage Times Paleo Election Symposium: Coming Tomorrow

Inspired by TAC’s conservative vote symposium, CHT has decided to do a symposium of our own with a bit more of a paleo edge. Tune in tomorrow for the firstĀ installmentĀ  We hope to add others as they come in. You might be surprised by some of the talent we have managed to attract.

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7 thoughts on “A Conservative Heritage Times Paleo Election Symposium: Coming Tomorrow

  1. RedPhillips

    Kyle, I’ll post your endorsement if you tell me who you really are. I have a couple of hunches.

  2. Feltan

    For thos of us who are uninitiated, exactly what does this symposium entail and how do we participate?


  3. Augustinian

    Virgil Goode is a viable write-in candidate in Kentucky, so he’ll get my vote. At any rate, Romney will win this Commonwealth by an overwhelming margin.

    Perhaps I’ll write a lengthier missive for submission.

  4. RedPhillips

    Regular commenters can send them in. Word limit is preferrably less than 250. I would prefer that contributors not have any official party status. It’s not news if X County Chairman of the CP endorses Virgil Goode for example.

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