4 thoughts on “The American Conservative Symposium Round 2

  1. Nate Weinstein

    Round 2? Oh goody, I guess round 1 of racist anti-American left wing terrorist sympathizers who pretend to be conservative telling us why they are voting for Obama or some third party loser just wasn’t quite enough.

  2. R. Salyer

    One would be surprised if Mr. Weinstein does not wish to protect his “race,” whatever that might be or mean. If one does not consider the interest of his race, however defined, in some fashion, it is a mystery how one can claim to be a conservative.

    The reason that some conservatives may be inclined to vote for Barrack or “some third party loser” (thereby arguably supporting Barrack in a round-about way), is probably explained by reference to Pat Buchanan’s prediction that “should Barack Obama win, the centralization of power and control will continue beyond the point of no return.” If we take this point as true, and further take the point that this movement toward centralization is inevitable as things stand, it is reasonable to want this situation brought to a head sooner rather than later.

    “[B]eyond the point of no return.” With all due respect to Mr. Buchanan, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit in kicking the can further down the road, and leaving the fight to one’s kids. It is unlikely that one will be stronger, or in a better condition to act decisively and radically, later than at present. If a Romney victory could promise a decisive and at least a semi-permanent closure against centralization, then by all means one should wish a Romney victory. Otherwise it is time to turn and face the storm now.

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