3 thoughts on “Are your children prepared for the global future that lies ahead?

  1. Weaver

    A lot of women I’ve met, especially young women, are truly smitten by the races-are-the-same mantra.

    It seems like those who aren’t good with people are the most vulnerable to ideologies like that, which makes sense because they’d have fewer experiences with other races. Poverty is the excuse given where experiences create problems.

    One asked me the other day my thoughts on the future US collapse. I said the northwestern part of the US has more Asians and whites, who have a lower crime rate. Wrong comment, haha. Apparently now I’m a hater: A “typical Southerner”. I told her to move to Detroit, and prove her faith.

    There are people out there still who even today still believe race is a purely “social construct”. Amazing but true.

  2. Weaver

    It’s almost like Buddhism. If you love a people or any sort of group at all, you must be in denial about your hatred of everyone excluded by said group. There can be authentic love, then, only of the self.

    I have some of the strangest debates with people.

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