Patrick Buchanan: Vote Romney

If there’s one man who unites all CHT regulars, it’s Pat Buchanan.

Falling in line behind Buchanan’s lead is the best argument I’ve seen for voting Romney. And Buchanan unequivocally commands, Vote Romney. Buchanan’s points:

* “[S]hould Barack Obama win, the centralization of power and control will continue beyond the point of no return.”
* Supreme Court nominees.
* Tax hikes without spending cuts.
* Romney said in the first debate: “Is the program so critical that it’s worth borrowing money from China to pay for it?” He might uphold this, asking before each new program and reconsidering old.


I would add to this, NumbersUSA now grades Romney with B- vs. Obama’s F-. This isn’t mentioned by Buchanan perhaps because Romney hasn’t been ideal on immigration.

And on trade Obama originally ran on Protectionist Trade, that is until he won election. Then Obama quickly converted to Free Trade. Romney hints that he’s concerned America isn’t attracting enough business investment. Buchanan doesn’t mention this perhaps because of how strong the Free Trade ideology is among some of his otherwise supporters. Lowering taxes is one part of attracting investment, but raising protections is another. Both parts are needed for a sound recovery. The US can’t currently compete with foreign border-adjusted VAT which serve as an indirect trade tariff.

This post isn’t about my views. I’ve long admired Buchanan, so I post this out of respect for him.

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7 thoughts on “Patrick Buchanan: Vote Romney

  1. Kirt Higdon

    I’m not united by Pat Buchanan. Yes, he has some good insights; I’ve read most of his books and bought a couple of them. But his views are all over the map. What I most deplore about him is his reflexive loyalty to the Republican party. His endorsement of Romney was 100% predictable. In the final analysis, Buchanan is and always has been an Establishment insider, albeit one with somewhat maverick views on some subjects.

  2. Augustinian

    I’m a long-time Pat Buchanan “fan.” Of course, I know he’s not perfect in all his positions and opinions. Are any of us? (Heck, even my wife disagrees with me at times. Rarely, but it does happen.) Anyway, Pat’s reflexive GOP support sometimes gives me pause, but that’s his prerogative and his conscience.

    Sometimes he gets squishy on Hamilton, Lincoln, and others not to our liking. He’s not consistently on the right side of various arguments, but he’s not afraid to express his view.

    Yet in spite of his occasional meanderings within the spectrum, he remains the one person who embodies most of the principles and standards that we Paleo-conservatives hold dear. He’s the closest thing to a national figure or spokesman that we can claim. Perhaps he’s a flawed hero, but he’s a hero to me nonetheless.

  3. Timothy Yung

    Pat Buchanan lost all his fire after his 2000 election campaign for the Reform Party. As a side-note his sister Bay Buchanan is an advisor to the Mitt Romney campaign. So there is a small chance that Mitt Romney will follow her advice and not the neo-con advisors. I know this is unlikely but I believe that there can be supernatural miracles.

  4. Timothy Yung

    That is not enough to cause me to vote for Mitt Romney. I am going to vote for Gary Johnson because Virgil Goode did not make the ballot in my state. He is a write-in candidate however I believe write-ins have undercounted by half.

  5. Augustinian

    For the record, I cast a write-in vote for Goode. Romney will win Kentucky by a HUGE margin, though.

  6. roho

    I love PJB, but he knows it’s hopeless, like trying to unscamble eggs. He’s now a book writer, trying to secure his families future to escape America, as I would as well.

    Even Jesus couldn’t convince the ignorant and greedy?

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