7 thoughts on “Celebrate: The Election is Over!

  1. IanH

    Sadly, everything turned out as I expected it would. Romney was such a pitiful candidate.

    I’m laughing my rear end off at Tommy Thompson’s loss. Maybe now we’ll never see him again.

  2. Savrola

    celebrate with a litany of puerile corporate country songs idealizing the no longer idyllic Southern culture?

    have you no shame, sir? none at all?

  3. Weaver


    haha, what would you have me post?

    It shouldn’t matter how a song was made. The themes of each song are sound, even the last song.

    The first point is the South is worth preserving. The second: We can always flee to hills, so to speak. The third is we should love the land.

    That’s a positive to dream of the South as it was. There is a deep intellectual tradition within the South. It’s worth preserving. Building on it, a lasting order can be achieved.

    In the immortal words of Forest Gump: “[Change] happens”, but there is a spirit that must be preserved, else what are we fighting for? If it’s some “scientific” notion of race: That’s mere genetic heritage, itself a spirit.

  4. Savrola

    There is nothing about the South today that is worth preserving except a few cemeteries.

    No you can’t escape to the hills because there are people living in the hills, and in event of crisis we don’t like strangers who weren’t bold enough to protect what was theirs.

  5. Weaver

    Bold enough to protect what’s theirs? Since when has anyone in the Appalachians defended his territory better than those living on the coast? The only reason such areas are still native is no one much wants to live there at present.

    My folks trace back well before the Revolution – and have fought repeatedly.

  6. Weaver

    The Appalachians are full of poverty and drug addiction. There are no jobs, so few outsiders want to move there. They’ve not been tested since the War of Northern Aggression, so there’s no honour for you to claim over the rest of the South.

    Last I checked, the Appalachians fought and lost against the Yankees. They lost, and you live in a world of delusion. You claim honour for battles that never took place. It’s a fine thing to love where you live, but you shouldn’t take credit for things you haven’t done.

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