Going forward

When I argued that an Obama win would be better for conservatives than a Romney win, I got a lot of angry emails and comments from readers. “Worse IS NOT better!” they yelled.

Of course not. But that’s not what I was saying. I was making two points: Romney’s embarrassing kowtowing before Netanyahu and the predominance of Neocons from the George W. Bush regime in his campaign all but guaranteed a “pre-emptive” war on Iran. And what have the Neocon Wars given us so far? The Department of Homeland Security, citizen surveillance, torture enhanced interrogation, indefinite detention, as well as increased Muslim immigration.

Bottom line: Another war would do even more permanent damage.

My other point was that an Obama win would make people realize what’s going on. While a Romney win would soothe conservatives to sleep, blissfully oblivious to what their masters in DC were really up to, an Obama win would force them to confront the ugly reality.

The sad truth is, we’ve been fed a steady diet of unreality – and we’ve scarfed it down, while asking for more. Consider:

- Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

- It is the role of the United States to spread democracy and liberate the world.

- Israel is our greatest ally.

- Government must bypass the Bill of Rights to protect us.

And so on. We swallowed that nonsense, and look at the result.

So is there any hope? Absolutely. The real battle to preserve our traditional culture is still at the local level. While the central government has revealed itself as the enemy of the traditional majority, even going so far as to join Third-World nations in a lawsuit AGAINST the people of Arizona, the states remain what they were at the Founding, the most local, direct, and effective organizations promoting the best interests of their citizens.

That fact was validated in yesteday’s elections. Not only are many Southern and Western states still fighting to enforce the immigration laws DC ignores, the people are taking stands directly opposing DC’s illegal policies. For example, Oklahoma banned “affirmative action.” And Colorado and Washington decriminalized marijuana, putting their state governments on a collision course with DC.

While the Northeast and Left Coast abandon Western civilization through floodtide immigration and an unbending leftist agenda, the South and West stubbornly resist. That’s where the fight is being waged, and that is where we must concentrate – in our own backyards. As Dr. Michael Hill recently said, we now have an amazing opportunity to point out to our friends and neighbors just how hostile and alien DC is to our values and way of life. Let’s take advantage of it.

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29 thoughts on “Going forward

  1. Richard Channing

    Obama’s amnesty of illegal immigrants will also do permanent damage. So will a Stupid Party taking the wrong message and nominating “Bobby” Jindhal or Marco Rubio.

    The Internet and alternative news sources are nothing new. If our friends and neighbors haven’t figured out how hostile and alien DC is by now in between trips to the soccer games and dance classes and refills at Starbucks then they never will. If the alien in the White House didn’t already convince them then they won’t learn in the next 4, 8, 12 years.

    Romney wouldn’t have fixed anything but it’s silly to pretend anything decent can come from this.

  2. HarrisonBergeron2 Post author

    Richard Channing,

    But all the mainstream (housebroken) sites and discussion groups were absolutely confident that Obama would go down in flames. As I pointed out, the American people have ignored reality for many years now. Now it’s a little harder to play make-believe.

    Perhaps now they will see how broken the system is, and will realize the need to organize around local self-determination movements. Anything else is fantasy.

  3. Savrola

    From a national-American conservative perspective worse is not better, but America has pretty much ceased to be a nation, anyway.

    From the perspective of regionalists like Colonel Sanders here, and myself, to a degree, worse is always better because we, or at least, I recognize that the nation state is in the past.

    The federal government may well be able to bribe the states into sticking with it, for another 20 years even, but resortment to complete bribery and coercion means the union of the states under D.C. is doomed, sooner than later.

  4. HarrisonBergeron2 Post author


    Glad to see we agree. The DC Empire is indeed doomed, and like the old Soviet Union, it’s dead by its own anti-human ideology. In that case, I support assisted suicide.

  5. Matt Weber

    America isn’t now and arguably has never really been a nation, but regionalism doesn’t represent a retreat from the nation-state concept so much as the recognition that they must be smaller than the current US.

    But wars and such aside, conservatives also lost yesterday on abortion and gay marriage. Gay marriage in liberal areas granted, but even liberal areas 4 years ago wouldn’t have gone for it. And abortion in red states. As a political tactic, no-exceptions abortion bans are just dead in the water.

    I think Obama may come to regret having won a second term, but I doubt it will end in anything good for us.

  6. savrola

    The Region State differs from the Nation State for a variety of reasons.

    Time, place, space and land are all different, so it is a massive divergence from the nation state.

  7. Richard Channing

    I honestly don’t think Obama is intelligent enough to regret a second term or be overwhelmed by the job.

  8. James

    White conservative Americans have been fooling themselves for decades now, believing the country is the same one it was in 1972 or 1980. Somehow and from somewhere a Reagan or some other savior could come and restore everything. A lot of them thought Bush was that guy and so he was glorified so much and they so willfully blinded themselves to his and the Republican Party’s obvious failures. They simply do not want to face the reality that the Old America is lost and the Republican Party is not going to bring it back.

  9. thaddeus

    Let me offer just one proposal as to why all “Worse is better” arguments are at best naive and at worst poisonous.

    Let’s say that an emboldened Obama now further mainstreams the SPLC, expands “hate crimes” to cover the kinds of things that are covered in Europe, enacts the colossally misnamed “fairness doctrine,” etc., which results in:

    -the shutting down of all traditionalist web sites (Occidental Observer, Counter Currents, Alt Right, VDare, etc.)
    -the elimination of all conservative talk radio
    -the imprisonment of anyone who openly defies the tenets of “social justice” and cultural Marxism

    This can happen. Easily. Some European nations are already there.

    As a consequence, even attempts to create traditionalist communities fail. Ideas such as the ones expressed here then cannot even be circulated, let alone lead to any kind of coherent opposition.

    What could be done at the state level then? Next to nothing.

    Politically, worse is always worse. Economically, worse certainly could be better (witness the rise of the Golden Dawn in troubled Greece). But politically, worse is worse.

  10. Rollo the Cat

    This is just the kind of out of toucch or maybe suicidal thinking that you find at AmCon or other fake conservative sites.

    First, How many people were so certain that Bush was going to bomb Iran before he left office? Well, that fraud Giraldi was sure and so were a lot of his friends. Didn’t happen. For all his talk, I doubt Romney would have actually done it.

    Second, why is foreign policy, especially as pertains to Israel, always the most important thing for some so called Conservatives? Personally I couldnt care less if the whole mid-east drops into the ocean and I don’t like the Israeli/Jewish lobby, but foreign wars will not destroy us completely. Immigration and PC laws will. Hate Jews if you want, love Palestinians, but keep things in perspective.

  11. Savrola

    I absolutely acknowledge that the “worse is better” strategy is bad news for some people.

    If all the policies which you postulate, thadeous, were indeed instituted in Obama’s second term, it would not end our fight, it would be merely purge the weaklings, cowards and traitors from our ranks and we’d be down to the real 1% of diehards which I have no problem with, but the majority of Alt-Paleo-Trads with a healthy layer of flab around their midsection do.

  12. thaddeus

    we’d be down to the real 1% of diehards which I have no problem with,

    Yes, but the govt. would them simply throw those 1% of diehards in jail, based on the policies that I postulate, and then… what? That would, in fact, end the fight.

    One can’t, in all seriousness, do much fighting from inside prison.

  13. savrola

    Yes, I’d forgotten about the all powerful state that took ten years and billions of dollars to dispatch one famous political dissident who may have died of natural causes years ago.

    You just like downtrodden and doomed, Thadeous. Admit it, you enjoy the feeling.

  14. Weaver


    You can’t remove traditionalist ideas from the Internet. It’s too difficult to control the Net and always will be.

    Some of the “trad” sites you mention see bioengineering man into a machine as “trad” (example). I wouldn’t mind such ideas being banned myself. They speak of such things as a necessary pursuit of power… Power towards what end? If one profanes all that is sacred (and could provide meaning and purpose) in pursuit of power, then one is not a trad.

    Perhaps a struggle would cause more serious thinkers to look into the ideas.

  15. Weaver

    Rollo the Cat,

    we’ll never know how a Romney presidency would have turned out. Bush gave us the Patriot Act, which Sam Francis pointed out would be used to spy on whites.

    Surely more can be done than participate in a Presidential campaign?

  16. Weaver

    You’ll find Guillaume Faye praised by some of the writers. I know at least one who praises him frequently.

    I believe it’s Richard Lynn who had an “evolve into robot brains” article at TOQ before it was taken down. Alt Right and VDARE posted something by transhumanist as well. I haven’t been by any of these except for VDARE in 2 years I think.

    I’ve met people in “right wing” organisations who are transhumanists. I dont’ think it’s an isolated incident. I believe it is a mainstream current that is inexplicably tolerated throughout nearly every New Right organisation.

    Pierce’s cosmotheism is similar.

    People fear sending me emails because if I see components of their ideas in some article, I rage at them. I don’t understand why they’re tolerated. I’ve given up with it. People seem to agree with me and then return right back to tolerating it.

  17. thaddeus

    Well, this is the first I’m even hearing of “transhumanism.” I usually just skin the articles I don’t find interesting by title/subject and read the ones that seem worthwhile. But I imagine that every blog sometimes posts eclectic material. I group it all under “metaphysics,” which I shrug off as a whole. People can believe any nonsense they like. Stuff like this is the least of our worries. Seriously.

  18. Augustinian

    I posted the following at a local “conservative” TownHall-type website where folks were frantically wringing their hands over the recent events:

    Jesus Christ is King! Yes, God is sovereign and His will is going to be accomplished. Do those truths take away our pain and anguish? No, but they give us room for hope. Life goes on and we must endure. Remember, what the Enemy wants is our despair. Perhaps the most important piece of dialogue in the book (and film) The Exorcist is an exchange between the two priests, as Fr. Karras wonders why Satan would defile a sweet “innocent” girl:

    Karras: Why her? Why this girl?
    Merrin: I think the point is to make us despair. To see ourselves as… animal and ugly. To make us reject the possibility that God could love us.

    Why do I bring that up? Only to remind us that despair is a great enemy. When we give up, we lose.

    What now? We must work hard to build our relationships. Restore ties to kith and kin. Emphasize local, community, and State issues. Free ourselves from the federal Leviathan in any way we can.

    This latest travesty of “democracy” should indicate something that should be intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer. This country has become ungovernable and unmanagable. It’s simply too big and too “diverse.” It’s long past time not simply for devolution, but dissolution. We’re bankrupt: financially, socially, and spiritually. Rebuild, restore, and when necessary, resist.

    Interposition. Nullification. Secession.

  19. Sean Scallon

    The South has an immigration problem but it’s not what you think. The immigration of Yankees into the South which is its greatest problem for Southern nationalists.

    These folks, having immigrated from the Northeast and the Midwest and from California are quite conservatives. They’ve made states like Texas, Oklahoma and South Carolina even more conservative than they once were. Once upon a time Oklahoma had a viable Democratic Party. It hardy exists now.

    The problem this influx has also made the region less-Southern or at least Southern nationalist. Yes they do see themselves resisting the national tide, but only in sense of plotting to take over the rest of the country once again, not seceed from it.

    I can’t imagine some ex-Navy man having retired to Charleston, is going to start waving the Stars and Bars.

    The reality is Southern nationalism from a pure Southern cultural viewpoints may well only be found in those areas of the South who weren’t enthusiastic about secession in the first place back in 1860: Kentucky, eastern Tennessee and the mountain counties of Alabama, Georgia and Carolinas.

    I’m afraid that any kind of secession movement can only succeed if its a part of a larger conservative movement if they conclude they can no longer win power nationally. However you probably won’t find any conservative pundits, writers or talk show hosts nowadays even talking about it. “Hey, we control the House. We have governors!” I guess.

  20. Weaver


    it’s not a minor matter. I’m surprised you think anything could be more important.

    What happened to the paleos? They helped build organisations only to be tossed out by the neocons. Communists have been known to use nationalism towards their advantage.

    You can’t decide on a direction and a goal until you’ve decided on at least a basic premise or two. A blind charging boar is not an “elitist”; he’s a force to be guided.

  21. Matt Weber

    Some of it is no doubt due to post-loss despair, but the idea that the United States simply aren’t that united anymore has been popping up here and there. I even saw Michael Barone over at NRO talking about the “Two Americas” that might as well be different countries.

  22. roho

    Ever had a tooth go crazy on you? And about the time that you decide to remove it from your life, it becomes a non issue for awhile?………Later, it flares up again, and again becomes a non issue?

    A man once told me that “Change only comes when the pain is greater than the fear of change.”……The pain will get greater, because everything from the electoral college to the two party duopoly is broken.

    Whether it’s Sikhs and Hidus, Sharia and Sunnis, Marxist and Capitalists, a change is a comming……..Nobody’s starving yet, revolting, commiting genicide, or even caring that our military is commiting suicide more than combat deaths.

    But change is around the corner, because the pain will increase.

    Did the GOP really think that Paleos would allow them to sell us on the idea of “The Lesser Of Two Evils” again?………Ha-Ha!…….Romney might have won had we voted?……I chose to INCREASE THE PAIN instead…….And others did as well. :)

    Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Chuck Baldwin, and Ron Paul were all a “Voice in the Wilderness”….Until the NEOCONS are purged, enjoy the pain.

  23. Steve

    I was going to Vote Ron Paul. I still think he was, and is, the only hope we have. But instead I stayed home, disgusted of the entire fraudulent system.

    I doubt I’ll vote again, don’t trust the electronic voting machines at all.

  24. Rollo the Cat


    I dropped out of Philadelphia public schools so excuse me.

    Still, those things were not a direct consequence of war but of some people using the war as an excuse to implement those policies. Obama needs no excuse to bring in hordes of immigrants.

    If I misunderstood your intent, I am sorry.

  25. Timothy Yung

    Well going forward we should fight on the local and state level against federal tyranny. Thankfully we have people who can led the fight including Justice Roy Moore who will be a great fighter for liberty at the Alabama Supreme Court.

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