5 thoughts on “Jared Taylor: What the 2012 Election Means for Whites

  1. Weaver

    Jared Taylor is such a good speaker.

    The argument is as good as ever: to increase white vote is easier than to increase nonwhite vote, and the GOP will die if nonwhite population grows.

    It’s ironic Asians would vote for Obama. I suppose they feel alienated, but regardless Chinese Americans won’t be on welfare in high numbers.

  2. Bruce

    Not ironic at all. The left is about building a coalition of people that are alienated from the historic American majority: Non-whites, feminists, homosexuals, etc. People don’t identify with what their ancestors didn’t create.

  3. thaddeus

    I don’t disagree with anything he says, but he’s NOT a good speaker. Far too mannered, with that absurd stress on the silent “H” (wHHHite), and too fidgety with his hands and his eyes.

    In politics, these things matter. Mitt Romney lost as much because didn’t appear comfortable in his skin as he did because of all the other reasons that have been given. Other men (Gore, Kerry) who have been similarly stiff have also lost to more superficially charismatic opponents..

  4. Weaver


    Well, whites at reproductive age and below are nearing minority status in that age category, and that’s “whites” not “whites with a similar ethnic background as the Founders”.

  5. Bruce

    Someone at Alt Right said he sounds like Thurston Howell III.

    As usual, he gets it right though.

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