The Real Reason Romney Lost

The Real Reason Romney Lost

Middle America News, Nov. 7, 2012

The real reason Mitt Romney lost the election is the multiculturalist political environment that prevents conservative forces from mobilizing their natural constituency.

Here’s what happened: Team Obama ran a campaign based on “us vs. them,” while Romney ran a campaign based on ideas. In that kind of contest, ideas always lose. Obama demonized opponent Romney as a threat, as an enemy, and cultivated and encouraged the racial, ethnic, and gender solidarity of his supporters. That’s what he meant when he said, “voting is the best revenge.” Revenge against whom? Rich white guys. And those are the people he means when he says he intends to make the wealthy pay their “fair share” by increasing taxes. His black and Hispanic constituencies know their own taxes won’t go up. Obama’s entire campaign was based on the unspoken question, “whose side are you on?”

This solidarity, or “we feeling” is the most powerful of human motivations. It is so powerful that in times of war, an individual is willing to surrender his life for his group. That group may be a family, a tribe, or a political unit such as a country. The only possible way to defeat a group with a “we feeling” is with a stronger, opposing “we feeling.”

But Romney’s campaign was based on intellectual arguments. He and his supporters actually ran television advertisements featuring charts and graphs. While Obama talked people, Romney talked numbers. Team Romney did not explain why Obama’s ideas were bad, only that they were inexplicably wrong. Obama was depicted not as a threat or an enemy, but as merely mistaken. In fact, Team Romney made no effort whatsoever to characterize Obama in any way at all. Romney asserted no group solidarity to oppose Obama, and created no image of the opponent for voters to dislike. Romney did not ask, “whose side are you on?” but, “whose ideas do like better?”

Obama won more than 70 percent of the Hispanic vote, and more than 90 percent of the black vote. That’s because individual blacks and Hispanics identified their self interests with their group interests. What is good for the group was seen as good for themselves individually. Relying on gender chauvinism, Obama was also able to garner significant support from single white women. They were not won over by ideas or rational argument, but by an irrational fear of a “war on women.”

Romney won only 57 to 59 percent of the white vote, compared to the higher percentages of non-whites for Obama. Because whites are roughly 72 to 73 percent of the entire electorate, only a slight increase in the white vote for Romney would give him enough to win a majority of votes.

But multiculturalist America doesn’t allow white unity or appeals to it. In America today, blacks and Hispanics (and other non-whites) are encouraged by the multiculturalist mileu to cultivate, celebrate, and enhance their racial solidarity culturally and politically. There is an NAACP and Black Entertainment Television for blacks, a National Council of La Raza, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Univision for Hispanics, but no corresponding apparatus for whites, and none are permitted. As newspaper columnist William Raspberry bluntly put it, “It’s always illegitimate for white men to organize as white men.”

Because whites are not allowed to organize on their own behalf, conservative pundits and politicians now openly suggest that Republicans can win future presidential contests only through increased appeals to blacks and Hispanics. Unfortunately, blacks and Hispanics respond en bloc only to appeals for expropriation of white wealth or defeat of white power. Completing the multiculturalist triumph against whites, some commentators have even suggested that non-whites must appear on future Republican presidential tickets.

Racial politics may be lamentable, but in a multiracial society they are inevitable.

As non-white voting strength increases in the next four years through naturalization of millions more Hispanic immigrants, whites face the historically important choice of political oblivion or racial solidarity.


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17 thoughts on “The Real Reason Romney Lost

  1. Bruce

    I saw this article today and thought it was very good too. I particularly liked the following quote and sent it to Auster:

    “Team Obama ran a campaign based on “us vs. them,” while Romney ran a campaign based on ideas. In that kind of contest, ideas always lose.”

    Anglo-Saxon ideas and abstractions vs. Leftist Tribalism. An appeal to ideas and abstractions can only work when you have a homogeneous population.

  2. Matt Weber

    But then the Republicans won huge with Reagan in the 80s, and he didn’t make any white identity appeals. What he did do was press the advantage in a time of obvious liberal overreach. Kind of like what Obama did in reverse.

  3. Kirt Higdon

    I’ve read that the wealthiest zip codes, the ones with high percentages of techies, government contractors, banksters, and other high earners, went for Obama. What do these overwhelmingly white 1%ers know that Obama’s tribalist masses don’t? Probably that, whatever BHO’s rhetoric may be, his actual policies consist of shovelling more money at the already wealthy. The last four years have been very good for these whites and they don’t expect the next four to be any different.

  4. savrola

    A3P is a social club for autistic intellectuals, money-hungry profiteers, and catamites to serve both aforementioned categories.

  5. Weaver


    who there is autistic and who a pedophile? What in the world do you think should be done about anything? All you do is talk trash.

    Kevin MacDonald, James Edwards, Virginia Abernathy: You have issue with these 3?

  6. Weaver

    I think I’ve figured Savrola out. He thinks that since no one wants to move to the Appalachians, he can declare that he’s defended his territory. And he enjoys laughing as the rest of the West burns, mocking all attempts at saving it, thinking he’s somehow secure from harm and unbound from duty.

  7. Matt Weber

    No, there aren’t as many white voters as in 1984. But does that mean a winning coalition can’t be built? Can the Republican platform be revised in any constructive way? Are Hispanics literally incapable of being conservative? If they are, and the long slow demographic death is here, then we are already at secession and are just haggling over the details.

  8. Matt Weber

    Also, it seems to me that whatever the demographics, the Republican’s can’t go on forever losing CA, IL, and NY. The electoral disadvantage is just too much to overcome, and something has to give there.

  9. Savrola

    By profiteers I’m referring Messiers Edwards and Miller.

    By autists I’m referring to McDonald and Abernathy

    by catamites I’m referring to Robert Stark.

    I live in the Ozarks and unless I’m mistaken Weaver is somewhat senile.

  10. Savrola

    also my candidate got 20% of the vote in a Republican stronghold against a powerful Republican, with no democratic candidate.

    You show me another Constitution party candidate who did as well.

  11. Weaver


    My point was: If people wanted to move to the Appalachians, the reality is land would be sold to them. Counties in West Virginia now are considered suburbs of Washington.

    Southerners had no hope of winning against D.C. Only a sociopath would blame those who lost against insurmountable odds, yet fought valiantly.

    It’s wonderful your candidate enjoyed such success. I hope more than talking trash about the rest of the world is done outside elections. I’m unfamiliar with the Ozarks. If outsiders begin buying land there, I guess you’ll have your own mettle tested.

    It’s fine to try keeping them out, but you shouldn’t pretend you’ve somehow done more than they.

  12. roho

    I’m sometimes amazed that the under 40 crowd is so blind to how the political demographics in the US has changed?

    1970′s………Unions were the conservative factory workers preparing to support Ronald Reagan after seeing the gays, leftists, and marxists invade the Democratic Party.

    1980′s……….Globalism is becoming a reality, and wall street investers are getting out of steel, coal, manufacturing, and trading in their investments for oil and gas leases.(Insider Trading is LIFE.)

    1990′s………..Reagan leaves office with 99 Billionares in America, where there were 9 when he entered office. His VP welcomes the NEW WORLD ORDER.

    2000………..The Unions have now organized the Government Worker himself, making City/Municipality, County, State, and the Federal Employee the NEW UNION WORKER, and the expansion of Government a positive for UNIONS and WHITE government workers.(Larger than manufacturing ever was!)

    TODAY…….Ask yourself where the “Private Sector” is?…….These white teachers, cops, firefighters, librarians, postal workers, that were soooooooooooooo jealous of those private sector steel workers, etc, etc, are the new “WHITE MARXIST” voters, as well as the downtroden white women, hispanics, poor negroes, illegals, and all are in agreement that the CRUEL ANGLO MALE needs to go away or die?

    The reality that Male Chauvinist, Racist, White Supremist, Anglo/Europeans, founded, developed, inspired, created, and moved the United States Of America to greatness, is an embarassment to these groups.

    It’s over…………….Political Correctness is a form of propoganda infected insanity.

    What is truely an oddity to me, is the WHITE marxist, hiding in the shadows like a CRYPTO JEW in the 1500′s, on websites like this, while drawing his public sector check each week, and claiming to be a conservative?…………….And there are millions.

  13. Tortuga

    Ah! The crazies are out again. Now it is “watch out
    for those people of color. They are coming over the
    boarder to take our stuff”. LOL, give me a break. The
    election was won fair and square. It “was” a battle of
    ideas and well, your ideas lost. And yes there is a
    demographic transition model that was followed by
    the Obama campaign and what brought out some of
    that demographic that may not have voted was your
    “CRAZY TALK”. You are one of the many reasons that
    Romney lost. When they looked at Romney all they
    could think of your “CRAZY TALK”. Once the knuckle
    dragger crowd comes out, watch out, lol. Oh! and
    thank you for doing your part to reelect one of only
    four presidents to win by over 50%. 1.Roosevely
    2.Eisenhower 3.Reagan 4. Obama. HMMM, do I hear
    mandate, you bet. I look forward to your silly but sad

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