The Sailer Strategy

I’ve seen the Sailer Strategy work in Wisconsin, so I will not say it cannot work at all. However there are many different circumstances which have to be met for it to work and often times those circumstances never come to fruition even in overwhelmingly white areas of the country.

The circumstances included either heavily segregated regions of the country (like the Milwaukee metro area) or areas where there is clear polarization of the racial divide around the two-party system, as one finds in the South. But in areas where there is not a large population of minorities, then other questions and concerns trump race because is not the everyday present reality (such as a state like Ohio where the auto-bailout helped Obama with white voters there). Red asks why white Iowans, Minnesotans, and Wisconsinites don’t vote the same as white Alabamans, Georgians and Carolinians? Well, I think we both know the reason why. Put it this way, you can live in parts of the Upper Midwest your entire life and never meet anyone of different race in person. How do you think that’s going to affect their mindsets as compared to living near county which is in the “Black Belt”?

Now some point out the state’s of the upper South (from West Virginia to Oklahoma) don’t have large minority populations either and voted in huge margins for Romney and Republican candidates, which is true. But in four years you won’t have Barak Obama on the ballot anymore, you may well have Hilary Clinton, you know, Fox News’s favorite Democrat, the woman conservatives turned from a marriage-hating radical into Norma Rae back in 2008. I would be curious to see what those numbers would be if Clinton vs. Romney in Kentucky or Arkansas. In four years we may find out and it may not be pretty for the GOP if there’s a white face on the top of the ballot for the Dems.

Now this is not to say such voting patterns will stay the same.¬† Minority populations have actually grown in many areas that were once all-white due to immigration (which just adds more Democrat votes) which may affect voting turnouts in the future (as they have in Milwaukee). But given the fact the Romney campaign pretty much ran away from any discussion of the President’s birth-certificate, or the Rev. Jeremiah Wright or immigration or any other such items in the campaign which could have increased its percentage of the white vote in theory, why would anyone think any party candidate will make a deliberate attempt to win 70 percent of the white vote in future campaigns (if they had to) given the demographic trends and given the fact the party may very well have a re-think on issues like immigration? Just remember this, when the top ranks of both the GOP and Conservative INC. come to a consensus, they will act in unanimity and cast off those who don’t, just like they did with the Iraq War. And this goes from the think tank leaders down to the talk show hosts to the politicians and as we all know, when you’re on the outside you really are out. Once upon a time publications like the National Review once strongly supported segregation. You can, if you wish, head out to the desert to be a Minuteman and arrest illegals but no longer will Rush Limbaugh laud you publicly or even give you attention on his show.

So the reality is if you really want to see the Willie Horton or the “Hands” ad again from Republican candidates I’m afraid you’ll have to do so on You Tube because you won’t see them from GOP candidates. Will some conservatives object to this and leave the party? Perhaps, until¬† elected officials do so I will not hold my breath because if there’s one thing conservatives know how to do well, it’s to get in line.

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10 thoughts on “The Sailer Strategy

  1. Matt Weber

    The Sailer strategy might come about by accident, given the fervor with which the Democrats and their media allies are triumphantly declaring the GOP the party of old, white people. They’ve been pretty nasty about it, no doubt due to elation over the demographic situation. The problem for them is that in exulting in the demographic situation, they’ve made the mistake of bringing it up, and someone is bound to ask at some point why it is supposed to be some kind of unalterable cosmic destiny rather than the result of an immigration policy that could theoretically be changed. Once it sinks in to all those whites in the midwest that the Democrats actively dislike them and oppose any policy that would halt their demographic decline, we might see some flips.

  2. RedPhillips

    I wouldn’t say that Thomas Fleming endorsed Romney, but he did seem to indicate that a Romney vote was justified on the basis of something like “Well, at least Romney doesn’t hate me.”

    This is my point. White guy in Iowa (WGII) may not think Romney understands his situation or cares about him. Maybe Romney is a fat cat venture capitalist. But it would be hard to conclude that Romney or the GOP actively dislikes him. The GOP and Romney see WGII as part of the team, part of the constituency they represent.

    On the other hand, Obama and the Dems don’t like WGII. They think that people like WGII are largely what is wrong with this country, and that decreasing the share of people like WGII will make this country a better place, a multicultural social democratic paradise. WGII is a “bitter clinger” in flyover country regardless of whether he owns a gun or attends church regularly until he proves otherwise. Such people are automatically viewed with suspicion unless they publically denounce their own kind.

    I get WGII who is a liberal voting for Obama. A liberal is going to do what a liberal is going to do. What I don’t get is some on the fence WGII deciding to vote for Obama on the basis that he “understands me better” or whatever. I got news for him. No he doesn’t. Obama and his party don’t like you, and you need to wake up to that fact.

  3. C Bowen (Hawthorne)

    ” you may well have Hilary Clinton”

    Hillary is no stranger to political murder, and while not surprising, it’s still something to remark that conservative media is not suggesting the obvious in regards to the current event in the news cycle.

  4. RedPhillips

    I assume you mean that the Clinton team was possibly behind the outing of potential rival Petraeus? Petraeus would have been a formidable primary opponent and general election nominee.

  5. Savrola

    I ignored the sordid saga to begin with, but it has so many interesting facets, I may have to write an essay on it for you to ignore, Red.

  6. Bruce

    Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services are busy bringing Africans (and others) to the upper Midwest. I have family in Minot, North Dakota. When I was young, my uncle used to tell me that Minot had almost no Africans. Now they just had a triple (quadruple?) murder by an African imported by leftist Christians. Give them enough diversity, and they might start voting like white Southerners. The whites in the suburban counties of Milwaukie have voted like Southerners for years.

  7. Walter

    “You can, if you wish, head out to the desert to be a Minuteman and arrest illegals but no longer will Rush Limbaugh laud you publicly or even give you attention on his show.”

    Rush has actually been criticizing the bad math and naive optimism of Conservatism Inc this past week in their push for amnesty:

    Also, much of Conservatism Inc. has been quite critical of the pro-immigration Jeb Bush / Marco Rubio wing this past week. I think they’re finally getting that the liklihood of most Hispanics voting Republican is right up there with finding bigfoot.

  8. pinksheet panther

    Conservatism Inc is losing it’s grip. A bigger problem is that the alternate right is being infiltrated with Unzism. A lot of leftists and “moderates” are starting to take over. Since we are opposed to getting involved in pointless wars of ragtag foreign countries, they assume we are pro big government, pro immigration etc. You see more and more of this in the comments section of Larison’s blog.

    I think due to demographic trends, democracy in general is going to be a loser for us. Secession and Balkanization are the only answers.

  9. Weaver

    pinksheet panther,

    it’s also that the symbol of Alt Right offers a potential for growth, so people move in to take it over and guide it.

    Any movement, whatever the name or symbol, will have to defend itself from success.

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