Breaking News: Around the Web

Rand Paul joins with neocons in supporting mass amnesty.

Jewish Republicans demand GOP support amnesty and gay marriage.

Reagan amnesty produced baby boom of future Democrats in California.

How badly was Romney ripped off by consultants?

Hannity and Boehner seem to want more Democrat voters.

Hispandering fruitless:  GOP needs to go after white working class vote.

Romney was an immigration wimp!


National Review caves on amnesty. I’m shocked!

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15 thoughts on “Breaking News: Around the Web

  1. Matt Weber

    This amnesty pile-on is way too convenient. The Republicans have wanted it for a long time and now they see their chance. The fact remains that as long as the government demonstrates its unwillingness to enforce the laws in place, there is no reason to reform those laws.

  2. RedPhillips

    “Rand Paul joins with neocons in supporting mass amnesty.”

    Well scratch him off my 2016 list. Another Republican who either has a death wish or can’t do simple math.

  3. Savrola

    Amnesty is the only solution, not for any party, but for the government to continue, as a government.

    It’s convenient for the Democrats and necessary for the Republicans.

    You can’t blame Rand for yielding to reality. I don’t like Rand, but I don’t fault him for this, either.

    And just remember that you Paleowriters who chose to continue fostering convenient myths are to blame. Sure hope you got your cut from the armchair-manufacturing lobby.

    You couldn’t even be bothered to read the comic-book version of Burnham, not that Sam Francis, peace be upon his name, would have bothered to write one for his errant idealogical sons.

  4. RonL

    National review has run at least 4 articles opposing amnesty, including an editorial . They ran one assinine piece supporting it. That’s hardly a betrayal.

    Romney allowed illegals to work at his home. The Mormon Church has sold out on this issue. Blaming a few rich Jews, instead of the whole class ignores basic facts. Romney was never with us.

    Rand Paul followed his father in selling out.

  5. Savrola

    Whatever else Rand has done, he hasn’t sold out. That cannot be emphasized enough.

    He sold out on Iran. Get it right.

    I agree that we should blame all the Jews and not just the few rich ones, though.

  6. RonL

    The transnational business class includes far more than just Jews. A certain Mormon name Willard Mitt Romney, for instance?

  7. Weaver


    I have both editions of Francis’s book on Burnham. We’ve posted bits from it here as well as some potential solutions Francis and others have mentioned.

    You just enjoy trolling people.

  8. Savrola

    RonL I can just see you pushing Romney ahead in the line.

    “Gas the goy first! He stole more than I did.”

  9. RedPhillips

    “National Review has run at least 4 articles opposing amnesty, including an editorial. They ran one asinine piece supporting it.”

    I’m glad to hear it.

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