Southern National Congress Chairman Requests Letters to State Governors

From the Southern National Congress:

Mark Thomey, chairman of the Southern National Congress has called for letters to the Governors of each of our States. A sample letter follows and a Microsoft Word version is available for download below:


The Honorable (your Governor’s Full Name)
Governor of (your State)
your State Capitol address

Dear Governor [your Governor's Last Name]:

The results of the recent national elections have proven, as have past ones, that the liberty and dearest principles and interests of the People of (your State) suffer, nay, are being trampled upon and eradicated, by our continued association with the united States of America.

The People of (your State) have been held to this association at gun point for one hundred fifty years, but a just self-respect and a desire for regaining our lost estate must outweigh our fears. As Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of life, liberty and property, it is not only our RIGHT, it is our DUTY to abolish that government and institute a new one that will provide for our future security. What rational, patriotic Southerner can conclude anything but that the united States government is destructive of our lives, liberty and property?

The time has come for the People of (your State) to reconsider the attachment to the united States. We are a separate and distinct People, and we must have a separate and distinct cultural, social, economic and political existence.

Therefore, I am demanding that at the earliest opportunity, you call for the convening of a Convention of the People of (your State), to be held in the City of (your State capital), on the earliest date possible, for the sole purpose of debating, and if found necessary and prudent, enacting a solemn ordinance of secession of the State of (your State) from the union now subsisting between Her and other States under the Constitution for the united States of America.

Thank you for your time, and for doing your duty in defending and advancing the liberty and prosperity of the People of (your State).

(your name and address)

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One thought on “Southern National Congress Chairman Requests Letters to State Governors

  1. RedPhillips

    “Therefore, I am demanding that at the earliest opportunity…”

    This language is unhelpful. It’s probably not helpful to “demand” that your local government fill a pot hole, but it’s surely not helpful to “demand” something this unlikely to happen because it makes you look unserious. It would be like writing Obama and “demanding” he stop abortion or end the Fed or abolish the income tax, all good things, but all things the President is highly unlikely to do because someone wrote a letter “demanding” it. What are you going to do if he doesn’t meet your demand, stamp your feet? The purpose of a letter writing campaign of this sort is to plant idea seeds, generate publicity for your organization, etc. not actually prompt action.

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