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More than $2 billion was spent on the recent Presidential race, money wasted. The candidates struggled to spend it all. I gave: Nothing.

Which is why I can afford to donate to NumbersUSA, today.

A recent (Nov. 9-12) Gallop poll found that “62% of Americans say stopping illegal immigration should be a top priority“, yet we hear from both parties and the news media that Obama’s victory shows support for the reverse. Obama is maneuvering to grant amnesty.

NumbersUSA explains that:

We’ve now got to fight the notion that Romney’s defeat is tied to immigration.

First, we’ve got to win the battle of public opinion. President Obama’s victory is far too small to be a mandate for many things, and certainly not for an amnesty. He barely reached 50% of the vote, and no president has ever been re-elected with as low of a margin between him and his competitor. Romney was strong on enforcement measures like E-Verify and borders, and he did far better among Independents and swing voters than John McCain did. In the end, however, Obama was far more successful at motivating his base to vote, nearly matching 2008′s high-water mark for Democratic turnout.

Second, we’re going to have to win a long policy battle with the White House. We can expect Obama to step up the pace in dismantling immigration enforcement. We can expect him to expand the issuance of temporary amnesty to a broader group of illegal aliens.

We will have to work with Congress to encourage them to stand up for their Constitutional right to set immigration policy. Obviously, the ICE agents’ lawsuit we are funding becomes even more important. We will have to do much better in the mainstream media. And of course, our million-plus activist members like you will have to pound Congress with faxes and make many, many phone calls so that Congress resists the temptation to give even one inch of ground on immigration.

Though you wouldn’t know it from most news coverage this week, the GOP still controls the U.S. House of Representatives. Most all of our True Reformer incumbents won easy re-election. In fact, several new True Reformers were elected for the first time. I’d say our position in the House has actually improved.

Yet the House GOP leaders have been weak and vacillating on immigration during the last two years. House Speaker John Boehner refused to bring up mandatory E-Verify for a vote last year when he could have easily passed it. Now that Boehner and the others are talking compromise with the White House and Sen. Harry Reid on taxes and other matters, it’s easy to imagine them caving in on amnesties and immigration numbers — unless our members raise our voice right now!

In the Senate, the Democrats added to their majority. However, just like the current Senate, pro-enforcement Senators in both parties should have enough votes to wage successful filibusters against amnesties and most other negative, destructive immigration bills. That is, our allies should be able to win — if they don’t panic!

If it weren’t for NumbersUSA, Tom Tancredo, and a few others; amnesty would have happened already years ago. It has successfully held the line since 1997.

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