M-Disc for Data Archiving

I’m wanting to archive some right-wing books in .txt format, cartoons, and music. M-Disc looks like the most reliable choice, and I figured I’d share it here.

I doubt claims that M-Discs are significantly more resistant to physical damage (including from regular use), but they will resist time better than currently available alternatives. An implied M-Disc life of centuries Vs. 2 to 5 years for regular CDs/DVDs. This is because M-Disc’s data layer is physically carved in “rock-like materials” as opposed to the standard, short-lived dye.

M-Discs also cost much more per disc, and the only DVD-burners currently capable of writing on them are made by LG. M-Discs aren’t rewritable, so any errors are permanent, requiring a new disc to correct. I probably will not use many discs, but this is again the best long-term storage option I’m aware of.

M-Disc mentions competitors (likely optical discs using a similar technology) claiming 300-year shelf lives, but no brands are listed. Internet searches bring up nothing.

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One thought on “M-Disc for Data Archiving

  1. Weaver

    I’ve been waiting for the LG BE14NU40 (USB 3.0) to become available in the US. No luck :/

    The versions available use eSata and USB 2.0. I want to say USB 2.0 limits data transfer. Maybe eSata’s limit isn’t reached, so it might be just as good as USB 3.0.

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