Establishment Mouthpiece Erick Erickson Purges Secession Talk

No surprise here. Erick Erickson proves once again that he is nothing but a mouthpiece for the Establishment. If any authentic voice of conservative resistance rears it’s head, you can always count on Erickson to quickly attempt to purge it. (See here, here, here, and here) Does he know he’s being a tool of the Establishment in which case he is malicious or does he not realize that he is a tool in which case he is a fool.

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9 thoughts on “Establishment Mouthpiece Erick Erickson Purges Secession Talk

  1. Weaver

    I was reading a blog of some SC staffer a couple years ago: Another staffer lost his job and ended up delivering nacho cheese around the state to support himself, lol.

    Gotta get paid. :p

  2. robert m. peters

    It is obvious that “Red State” is an organ of the Republican Party which means that it is not a conservative site, its name and claims notwithstanding.

  3. HarrisonBergeron2


    This comment says it all:

    “Erick – I’m a liberal and disagree with just about everything I read here, but I read it because there is informed and thought provoking content. Well said above, and keep up your good and important work….. and sorry about my hash tag. My name is Tom. Pleasure to meet you.”

  4. Augustinian

    For several days after the election our local “conservative” townhall forum had some folks agreeing that secession was a very viable option now, many of them previously had been opposed (Lenincoln lovers after all, we’re most of them). Now in the past couple days, it’s being inundated with arguments against secession, saying such things as “secessionists should have put their energy into electing Romney,” or similar drivel. Of course most of these folks also “worship” about anything that comes from the mouths of Rush, Krauthammer, Kristol, Hannity, ad nauseum.

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