Scary Jamie?

Everyone’s up in arms about Jamie Foxx. Seems he went on Saturday Night Live to promote his latest movie, Django Unchained, and said, “I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?”

Ohhh – scary! But has anybody seen Foxx’s character? Take a look at the clown costume he wears:

I busted a gut laughing when I first saw that picture. Yes, he’s trying sooooo hard to look baaad. But THIS is supposed to be a scary black cowboy? Jamie, you’re no Clint Eastwood. Django must be Swahili for, “Wears clothes his grandmother threw out.”

The rules for cowboy apparel are few and simple, all of which Foxx’s character tragically ignored:

1 – Cowboys do not wear jackets from the 1956 JC Penny catalog.

2 – Cowboys do not wear ANYTHING with buttons shaped like that.

3 – Cowboys DO NOT wrap sweaters around their necks. In fact, cowboys do not even own sweaters.

4 – Cowboys only wear gun holsters battered from countless gunfights and cattle drives. No cowboy would be caught dead sporting a holster fresh from the western wear supply store.

5 – Do. Not. Lose. Your. Right. Glove.

But the last rule of cowboy fashion says it all:

6 – A real cowboy doesn’t need to be told the rules of how to look like a cowboy.

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19 thoughts on “Scary Jamie?

  1. SoCalPatriot

    This movie wouldn’t be about gay black ‘cowboys’,would it?

    Anyway,Foxx looks about as intimidating as an anal-retentive poodle.

  2. Matt Weber

    I have this suspicion that underneath it all Quentin Tarantino is some kind of raging right winger who loves the nazis and the slaveowners, and these movies are his way of assuaging his guilt.

  3. RedPhillips

    I suspect this is just a case of a costume designer who got carried away. If you ever watch the extras contained on DVDs, there is always some message or symbolism behind costume choices. That said, he does look ridiculous.

  4. HarrisonBergeron2 Post author

    Red Phillips,

    Of course he’s ridiculous. We’re supposed to be afraid – very afraid – of this avenging black man. Other conservative sites are grousing about the hypocrisy of a blatant call to racial violence, but we need to mock what’s silly and not react the way Quentin & Co. want us to.

  5. RonL

    He looks like a guy role playing poorly. I guy who uses his chaps to play with other boys.
    None of this makes the open racial hatred remotely acceptable.

  6. Matt Weber

    I will be depressed if this movie does anything other than absolutely tank. Even people who think a joke about killing white slaveowners is giggle-worth surely wouldn’t want to watch two hours of that sort of thing.

  7. Richard Channing


    I thought the exact same thing. How sick are these people laughing at that? It wasn’t like he made the joke at Showtime At The Apollo.

    Americans are a sick, sick people.

  8. Bruce

    I heard he received “thunderous applause” but I haven’t watched teh video (assuming it’s available).

  9. Bruce

    How come we don’t have disruptive right wing hecklers? I remember about 20 years ago when Sharon Stone hosted SNL and was heckled by gay rights activists embedded in the audience.

  10. HarrisonBergeron2 Post author


    Because we’re sooooo nice. We respect the rule of law and honor the principle of reciprocity.

    Maybe – just maybe – we should play nice only with those who also play nice.

  11. Fred

    “Django must be Swahili for,’“Wears clothes his grandmother threw out.’”

    Well at least your outright racism was mostly sublimated before yu busted out the “pols “Swahili” saw. This entire website is basically intellectually bankrupt racist nonsense (see your “why Romney really lost” bit) but at least it’s usually just the regular old “what’s good for white people is what’s good for America” sort of casual ignorant racism, at least here you busted out the visible guns.

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