I Won’t Be Rooting for Cain “Brown Pride” Velasquez Tonight

Tonight, Cain Velasquez will have a rematch with UFC Heavyweight  Champion Junior Dos Santos. Dos Santos won their first match with a quick knock out. Velasquez was reportedly injured. Velasquez is the superior wrestler. He wrestled in college for Arizona State. Dos Santos is the superior striker. If Velasquez can get the fight to the ground and keep it there, he’ll likely win. If Dos Santos can keep it standing, he likely will. (Some odds have Velasquez the favorite. Some have Dos Santos.)

I will be rooting for Dos Santos. Velasquez sports a large “Brown Pride” tattoo across his chest. I really don’t care the Velasquez, who is Mexican American, has brown pride, although brown is a less precise designation than even white. Caucasoid Arabs and Indians are supposedly “brown,” as are Amerindian and Mediterranean (Spanish and Portuguese) admixture Central and South Americans such as Velasquez  and Dos Santos. At least white usually means European. My beef is with the PC double standard that says a “brown pride” tattoo is just fine, but if some white guy had a similar “white pride’ tattoo there is no way he would ever see the inside of a UFC octagon and everyone know it.

I will be rooting against the PC double standard tonight more than I will Velasquez.

Addendum: There was a 1.5 hour wait at the local establishment where I usually watch UFC pay-per-views so I won’t be watching it live.

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2 thoughts on “I Won’t Be Rooting for Cain “Brown Pride” Velasquez Tonight

  1. Kirt Higdon

    Junior Dos Santos is my favorite MMA fighter and Cain Velasquez my second favorite. Despite very courageously hanging in there, JDS lost the five rounder. Cain was at the top of his game and didn’t let up. My oldest daughter and I got to see the fight on live TV at a sports bar in Burbank.

    Within the next year and a half or so, JDS and Cain will undoubtedly meet for the 3rd time and hopefully JDS will take the rubber match. Meantime, I’ll be cheering for Big Foot Silva against Alistair Overeem in UFC 156 in February, but if Overeem wins and gets a shot at Cain, I’ll be cheering for Cain.

  2. RedPhillips Post author

    Overeen is such a roided up freak that I think he is bad for the sport. Roids are rampant in MMA, but Overeem is so obvious, especially to those who are familiar with him from his Pride days when he was a light heavtweight, that he has no plausible deniability. He flunks the eyeball test to a cartoonish degree.

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