On Debt Limit, Republicans Flinch Again

Could the Republicans look any more spineless if they tried? What a pathetic bunch of wusses! “Let’s kick the can down the road three months because things will be different then. Really they will. We promise.” Yeah right. Someone call Lance Armstrong. Maybe he has some left-over testosterone he could give the Republicans. They sure need it.

I’m very curious to see the roll call on this vote when it is taken. Some “conservatives” have already signed on.

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4 thoughts on “On Debt Limit, Republicans Flinch Again

  1. JDP

    if you just look at politics as one big football game i guess this mentality makes sense, but the reason only a small core of House Republicans would consider voting down the debt limit increase (even if it was pushed to the end like last time) is cuz the GOP doesn’t want to kick around the economy and then have to defend it. not really a partisan issue.

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