Congressman Steve Stockman Threatened by Gun Control Supporters

This is a Steve Stockman Facebook post. I am passing it along here for two reasons. Because it is interesting in its own right, and because it illustrates just how depraved some left-wingers are. The conservatives who wring their hands about the unthinking mindless right (with some justification) need to get out more. Go take a look at what passes for discussion at Daily Kos for example. I see this sort of viciousness a lot more from the left.


This is typical of the messages I have been receiving from anti-gun activists. (I have edited it to remove profanity.)
Message Body:
Mary was a wh-re
Jesus was a hack
Guns are for guys who have small d–ks.
You are a c-ntWhile comments coming into my office are 25 to 1 in favor of gun rights, the minority of anti-gun comments are usually vulgar, explicit and many are often violent.

We have received numerous violent threats from anti-gun activists. They have threatened to kill me, kill my staff and shoot and blow up the Capitol — all in the name of gun control.

Their comments, and screen caps, are being forwarded to Capitol Police. My staff will be advised how to deal with the violent phone threats from anti-gun activists.

BTW, I hate it when people respond to this kind of crap with “We have alerted the police.” A better response would be “Bring it own Big Talker! We’ll be waitin’ for ya!”
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