7 thoughts on “Ouch! New Schwarzeneggar Flick Finishes in 10th Place

  1. Kirt Higdon

    I went to the first matinee showing of The Last Stand and really enjoyed it. It was over-the-top of course, but that’s kind of expected in an action flick. I did note that I was one of the few people in the theater. Can Ahnold have lost his box office mojo because of his personal and political missteps as happened to Mel Gibson? Jason Statham has a new one coming out next week and will be followed by Stallone and then Willis. We shall see.

  2. thaddeus

    Has Mel Gibson lost his box office mojo? I think that’s hard to tell, as he hasn’t starred in a film that was permitted wide commercial released in a long while. Get the Gringo was denied widespread distribution by the you-know-who powers-that-be in the entertainment industry.

    It’s truer to say that Mel Gibson is on the Hollywood black list (a far more real black list than the much-ballyhooed one of the 1950s) for obvious reasons.

    If he made a Bravheart-like film, and if it were widely distributed, I think it would succeed. After all, the entire Hollywood establishment tried to kill Passion of the Christ, but it was a huge box-office success.

  3. RedPhillips Post author

    Kirt, I haven’t seen it yet. I plan to. I also want to see Ganster Squad.

    The key info in the article is that 80% of the audience was over 25. That means the people who saw it were seeing it for nostalgia reasons like you and I. Unfortunately, the kids aren’t going to see Arnold.

    If I was a Hollywood producer, I would be leary of letting Arnold headline my movie. He would be better off now in a supporting role.

    Statham is no spring chicken as my grandmother would say, but I don’t consider him part of the same generation as Arnold and Stallone.

  4. Kirt Higdon


    Gangster Squad is good, but also over-the-top. I’ll have to read the history of the period to see how much of it is true. Too bad they cut the scene of the shoot-out at the Chinese Theater (which actually happened) because of the Aurora theater massacre.


    I think your last sentence proves my point and undermines yours. The heavily Jewish Hollywood establishment tried to kill Passion and it was an incredible hit. After that he made Apocalypto, which did well despite being rather idiosyncratic and being in an obscure foreign language with subtitles. Then came the personal melt-down – the drunk driving with anti-Jewish rant, the divorce, the Russian gold-digger, the Polish “fetish model”, etc. The latest gossip is so vile, I’m not even going to post it here or anywhere, but given his downward spiral, I can’t dismiss it out of hand either. I’ve always been a fan of Mel but his self-destruction can’t be blamed on the Jews and IMHO only a little on Hollywood. He has had a couple of mainstream movies in the last few years, but they were flops. He still does well south of the border where his philanthropy has made him many friends, and let’s hope it covers a multitude of sins. BTW, I got Get the Gringo from Netflix and it is quite good.

  5. RedPhillips Post author

    I suspect that Mel, in addition to alcohol issues, has Bipolar Disorder. That would help explain some of the more outlandish stuff.

  6. T. Chan

    I will avoid Ahnuld’s movies because of what he did and said during his political career. I saw a commercial last night for the Stallone movie – it could be fun, despite the controversy about the casting change for Stallone’s buddy.

  7. Kirt Higdon

    I caught the openning of Jason Statham’s Parker today and it is an excellent caper movie with plenty of action – less on the explosions and car chases, but more on brutal hand-to-hand combat. The plot is very good too – sort of like Mel Gibson’s Payback. The problem from a moral cultural aspect, of course, is that you are being encouraged to cheer for one sociopathic criminal and his helpers simply because he is slightly less sociopathic than his enemies. The Last Stand, in contrast, is straight good guys vs. bad guys. Theater attendance at my showing was markedly better for Parker than for The Last Stand.

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