Burn the Constitution!

An openly Marxist magazine calls for scuttling the Constitution. Marxists know their projects require the heavy hand of omnipotent government if they’re ever to be implemented. And the whole point of the Constitution (and further reinforced by the Bill of Rights) was to LIMIT the power of the central government.

We are entering the Era of Interesting Times.

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2 thoughts on “Burn the Constitution!

  1. DanPhillips

    This is an interesting passage.

    “But while general strikes were panicking European elites into making sweeping concessions to their working classes, here in America the Wilson Administration was swiftly re-privatizing the economy and dismantling the progressive wartime labor codes — prompting Felix Frankfurter to render a despairing judgment: the United States, he wrote, appeared to be “the most reactionary country in the world.” When the unimpeded rule of the plutocrats was confirmed by Calvin Coolidge’s election six years later, William Howard Taft concluded with satisfaction that Frankfurter had been right: “This country is no country for radicalism. I think it is really the most conservative country in the world.” But why was that so? There were many theories. The patrician editors of The New York Times had given this matter some thought, and on Constitution Day, 1921, they provided one plausible explanation: “If it is true, as there is much evidence to prove, that Americans are showing themselves the most conservative nation in a turbulent world, the largest cause of it lies in our Federal Constitution.” The Constitution, the editors explained, “makes the American people secure in their individual rights as citizens when these are imperiled by passing gusts of sentiment.”

    These dubious “gusts of sentiment,” in the lingo of American constitution-speak, are precisely what other societies call “the democratic will.””

    I think there may be some truth in that. Unlike the author, however, I think this is a good thing.

  2. HarrisonBergeron2 Post author

    Dan Phillips,

    Yes, “interesting” indeed.

    This isn’t the first leftist attack on the Constitution. They’re circling the tradition of small government like wolves. And Obama is firmly behind their efforts.

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