Todd Welch, Wisconsin State Coordinator of Campaign for Liberty, Denied Republican Party Membership

Here is a copy of the letter on Facebook.

FreedomWorks has the story.

The purge of truly limited-government activists from the Republican Party has reached new lows, as one of Wisconsin’s top activists found out.

Todd Welch, Chairman of the Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty and constitutional activist, has been “declined” membership in the Republican Party of Dunn County in Wisconsin and his dues check returned. His crime? Holding the Party accountable to its rhetoric and promises.

Here is the contact information for the Dunn County GOP. Perhaps you would like to let them know what you think of their Politburo like purges.

Republican Party of Dunn County
P.O. Box 311
Menomonie, WI 54751

Current Office (during election period)
815 6th Ave E.
Menomonie, WI


Chairman –

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10 thoughts on “Todd Welch, Wisconsin State Coordinator of Campaign for Liberty, Denied Republican Party Membership

  1. RedPhillips Post author

    Surely the members of the BoD of the Dunn County GOP had to know this would come back to bite them on the rear. Welch can’t possibly do as much harm to the reputation of the county party granted membership as the firestorm they are generating by denying him membership will. So this comes off as just spiteful and petty. They are denying him membership because they can, party fortunes be damned.

  2. Sean Scallon

    Or it could be that the CFL Wisconsin Facebook page was indulging in Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, which is why I left the group. The county party can’t stop people from calling themselves or affiliating who they wish but they can control who they as a group can deal with. I don’t know why you would wish them ill for acting logically from a political standpoint.

  3. JD Salyer

    Remember that this is, after all, the party that would’ve put Harriet Miers on SCOTUS, had not grass-roots folks held their feet to the fire…

  4. Ryan Setliff

    Have we forgotten the wisdom of our Founding Fathers? We should not put our confidence in the state or parties. The GOP is a coalition, not some disciplined army, and it shouldn’t stigma whistleblowers and those who call the party to account for conservative principles. Mr. Welch is right. We’ve put too much misplaced confidence in the GOP for too long, and failed to hold our elected leaders and their political appointees accountable.

    “It would be a dangerous delusion were a confidence in the men of our choice to silence our fears for the safety of our rights; that confidence is every where the parent of despotism; free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence; it is jealousy, and not confidence, which prescribes limited constitutions to bind down those whom we are obliged to trust with power; that our Constitution has accordingly fixed the limits to which, and no farther, our confidence may go; and let the honest advocate of confidence read the Alien and Sedition Acts, and say if the Constitution has not been wise in fixing limits to the government it created, and whether we should be wise in destroying those limits; let him say what the government is, if it be not a tyranny, which the men of our choice have conferred on the President, and the President of our choice has assented to and accepted, over the friendly strangers, to whom the mild spirit of our country and its laws had pledged hospitality and protection; that the men of our choice have more respected the bare suspicions of the President than the solid rights of innocence, the claims of justification, the sacred force of truth, and the forms and substance of law and justice. In questions of power, then, let no more be said of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”
    –Thomas Jefferson, From the Kentucky Resolution of 1798, from: Debates in the Several State Conventions on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution, vol. 4, p. 543 (1907)

  5. Washington's Farewell

    I’m tired of fake conservative Republicans. The only real conservatives are noninterventionist constitutionalists like Ron Paul.

  6. Mortimer

    The Dunn County Republican Party has dunn forfeited its right to consider itself part of the opposition. It is now officially part of the machine.

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