More Ghosts of Waco: Boykin Does Libya Damage Control for the Company

April 2012’s article on PATCON in FP was a major breakthrough in high brow reporting on an often observed and discussed federal government operation of domestic agent provocateurs.

Coupled with Jesse Trenteadue’s FOIA releases as relating to his search for justice for his deceased brother, and placing Fast and Furious in the context of PATCON (as well as placing Waco and OKC within PATCON), the picture is pretty clear.

I came of age with the incident at Waco, and its corollary at OKC.  I have written a couple pieces over the past year (here, here) on one of the actors, General Boykin, the representative of Delta Force who came up with the idea to use CS gas on the women and kids at Waco, being hired by the Family Research Council after he, to borrow a pro-wrestling term, did a ‘turn’ into an anti-Islam Crusade conservative.

Soon after his hiring, there was a ‘lone nut’ who helpfully got Family Research Council in the news in a protest against their stance on gay marriage.  I am not suggesting that it was a publicity…well, whatever nevermind.

Boykin is out today exonerating the CIA for any ‘fast and furious’ connection to the recent unpleasantness in Benghazi, and guns for radical Islamic ‘rebels’ in Syria.   (Don’t hesitate to click over and give ole Local Ale a like bump.)  Boykin’s placement into the media stream splits the ‘evangelical’ media, as WND has leaned populist over the years.

Rand Paul is on his Plague Tour, comparing what happened in Libya/Syria to Fast and Furious. 

And of course, Jesse Trentaeadue has noted that Fast and Furious is but an extension of PATCON.

Might be an opportunity here.

The Ghosts of Waco


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