The Club for Growth Pulls a Norquist and Gives Cover to Debt Limit Cave-in

This is pathetic. Looks like the Club for Growth needs some of that left-over Lance Armstrong testosterone also. The headline says it all: “Club for Growth Gives GOP Cover on Debt Vote” And all the hand-wringers at The American Conservative say the problem is GOP intransigence. If only.

The conservative Club for Growth announced Tuesday that it will not oppose the House vote to temporarily extend the government’s borrowing capacity, a move that could provide the GOP rank and file cover to approve the measure.

House Republican leaders are bringing a bill to the floor Wednesday that would raise the debt ceiling without making commensurate cuts — the first time they have dropped that demand since 2011’s debt limit fight — but contingent upon Senate Democrats approving a budget, which they have not done in more than three years.

“The Club for Growth will not oppose tomorrow’s vote on the debt ceiling,” Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said in a statement. “The Club for Growth will, on the other hand, strongly oppose any efforts during the upcoming debate over the continuing resolution and sequester that fail to arrest out-of-control spending and put sensible limits on the growth of government.”

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