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“I think people have come to the sensible conclusion that you can’t say a woman’s life is more valuable than a man’s life,” retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Wilma Vaught.

Perfectly sensible – except to a reactionary such as myself, who’s still bitterly clinging to many un-hip notions, as well as to his guns and religion.

In quoting General Wilma, columnist Gail Collins THINKS she’s exposing the irrationality of those who oppose sending women into combat. After all, as EVERYONE KNOWS, equality is what this nation was founded on. By implication, those obstructionists who say women should not be exposed to front-line combat are anti-American.

Here’s the bottom line: Some things do not change. Human nature is one of them. The rigors of war are another. The DC Empire may proclaim equality all it wants. But in fact, human equality is a biological impossibility. It’s also a social and political catastrophe when government tries to impose it – just take a look at the real-world results of trying to implement it.

In fact, General Wilma is not just wrong, but disastrously so. There’s a reason that men have historically gone to war, and that is to protect their future. A nation can lose many of its young men but still recover. However, if it loses its women, it will fade away.

DC thinks it’s replaced the old-fashioned “Band of Brothers” with the new and improved “Swarm of Siblings,” but has instead landed yet another self-inflicted wound. When the history of the DC Empire is written, its epitaph will be “Death by Ideology.” It’ll be covered in the same chapter as the Soviet Union, which was a victim of the self-destructive idiocy of communism.

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10 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. Sempronius

    “Perfectly sensible – except to a reactionary such as myself, who’s still bitterly clinging to many un-hip notions, as well as to his guns and religion.”

    So, how’s that workin’ out for ya?

  2. Kirt Higdon

    The “defense” establishment is figuring that future wars will not be manpower intensive. Girls can be lard ass video game drone operators as easily as boys. In spec ops, many of which are now run by the CIA, some exceptional women can be found to provide heroic feminist narratives. Brad Thor, one of several prominent thriller novelists of the Tom Clancy school, claims that CIA recruiters are haunting triathlons to recruit elite female athletes who “want to serve their country”. He claims to have close contacts with the spec ops “community”. I have no idea if what he says about recruitment of female athletes is true, but it would not surprise me.

    The one possible good result which might come from the on-going feminization and sodomization of the armed forces is that militarist Christians might stop encouraging their sons and daughters to enlist and might reconsider their support of the whole universal empire project. Unlikely, I know, but one can always hope.

    BTW, there is an internet rumor floating that BHO is vetting senior officers on the basis of their willingness to order troops to fire on American citizens. Does anyone have a good reliable source on this one.

  3. Sempronius


    Clinging is bad strategy mate. It brings to mind S. Francis’ apt term “beautiful loser.”


    Christians are born dhimmi’s. They’ll do as their master bids them no matter what.

  4. Kirt Higdon

    C Bowen,

    Garrow claims to have a high-ranking Pentagon source whom he will not reveal. Who might that be? Probably doesn’t matter. My own take is that not only would most of our “warriors” be willing to fire on US citizens, many of them would relish the chance to do so. As far as the drone operators are concerned, they’ve already fired on US citizens and will fire on whomever they are ordered to fire on. To them it’s just a video game anyway.

  5. C Bowen

    Mr. Higdon;

    I briefed myself on Garrow–of course this is a meme that dates back to Clinton. I don’t believe it, but from a different angle, hence all my Ghosts of Waco posts.

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