Erick Erickson Leaving CNN

Our favorite mainstream con whipping boy is leaving CNN. This announcement is mostly a collection of thank yous. He doesn’t say why he is leaving or where he is going? Possibly FOX? I’m sure we’ll know more soon.

I do think this paragraph is telling.

For some reason saying something negative about the GOP was fine here at RedState, but saying the same damn thing on CNN brought in a flurry of emails from conservatives accusing me of selling out. Funny how that works.

Our criticism of EE from the right has always been that he was either attempting to quash authentic expressions of conservative resistance (opposition to the Fed, gold, Ron Paul, secession) to the Machine, or that he was peddling an inauthentic variety of “conservatism” (globalist interventionism). It was never that he was being insufficiently faithful to the GOP.

This illustrates the two fold task us paleos have. We have to counter the inauthentic versions that call themselves conservative with an authentic version, and we have to overcome blind partisanship.

Addendum: BTW, EE recently floated his name as a possible primary challenger to Taxby Chambliss. Now that Taxby is out of the picture, does this mean a Senate campaign is in the works?

Update: This is from EE’s Facebook page: “Now the rest of the story: As of this afternoon I am a Fox News political contributor.” Well that didn’t take long.

Update II: Was Erickson actually let go as part of a purge at CNN?

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7 thoughts on “Erick Erickson Leaving CNN

  1. RedPhillips Post author

    C Bowen, how does it help to pretend that talking heads like Erick Erickson and websites like RedState don’t exist? RedState probably gets more hits in a day than we get all year.

  2. savrola

    Erickson is a nonentity except that his site is in a sense something you might want to consider emulating, Red.

    You might get a CNN gig sometime.

    It really surprises me that you, and especially Sean don’t aspire to be on TV.

  3. C Bowen

    Guys like Erickson deserve only our scorn and ridicule.

    I am sure it gets traffic from politicos in the business, and maybe a few junkies over 60, but it’s hardly relevant. Free Republic could credibly boast of ‘impeachment articles’ in its first couple years of existence–I cannot recall a single thing associated with RedState of any matter. Founded in 2004, they have been around for the complete annihilation of the national Republican Party–they are not even good at being party hacks.

    Following David Frum is more interesting. Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, the late Breitbart–all more interesting media characters who encouraged, in their own way, a more gonzo if Americana critique of the mess and they all stand/stood on their own feet, not living off CNN, Fox, and Eagle Publishing.

  4. RedPhillips Post author

    C Bowen, I’m not fond of scorn and ridicule because I don’t like it when it is done to our side. Harsh criticism, which I think we have dished out to EE, is OK as long as it is warranted and backed up. I don’t like stuff like “X is an idiot,” “X is insane,” etc.

    That said, how does it benefit us to deny that places like RedState and people like EE have some role in reinforcing the agenda, shaping the message and enforcing orthodoxy? How many brain dead followers got the message that “Ron Paul is bad” from places like RS and people like EE? You know they do because they all repeat the same talking points.

  5. C Bowen


    Tactically, I encourage what you do/did on the AmSpec blog; I encourage our side to spend time– 1 hour per day– trolling local newspapers and the Conservative Inc blogs posting metapolitical monkey wrenches challenging every level of their point of view.

    Challenge every sell out, every point in favor of the Machine.

    I consider that more productive then our catharsis here at CHT.

    Erickson is literally unheard of at the activist level. I have never heard his name come up once–it is that simple. I don’t fight you on the notion that some voters out there get their daily dose from Red State, but by definition, they cannot be that interested in this thing to begin with.

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