Update on Todd Welch Republican Party Dispute

This is from Todd Welch’s FaceBook page:

Here is the latest on Dunn County Richard Rust denying my membership in the Republican Party. This means that they are refusing to follow the rules as laid out in Roberts Rules of Order:

The Executive Board of the Republican Party of Dunn County met on Sunday, January 27 and has decided after consultation with Dave Anderson, Chairman of the Constitution Committee of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, to reaffirm our decision to take the denial of your membership to the county membership at the annual caucus on Saturday, Feb 2nd 10:00 am at Fuzzy’s Bar & Grill, N5729 410th Street, per our original notification to you of this on Jan. 22nd.

… Richard Rust, Chairman
Republican Party of Dunn County

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One thought on “Update on Todd Welch Republican Party Dispute

  1. savrola

    Be great if this happens more.

    If you can’t destroy your local GOP from the inside, you can give them negative publicity just by trying to.

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