Bay Buchanan has Left TV

This is news to me. Bay Buchanan apparently decided after Romney’s loss to leave TV punditry and pursue a career in real estate. I kid you not. The ridiculously prolific Warner Todd Huston has the story.

Here is the source Washinton Examiner story.

But Bay Buchanan, a top Mitt Romney lieutenant who’s been involved in politics ever since serving as treasurer of Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign, saw last November’s loss as a signal to get out of presidential politics.

“It was so tough. It was brutal,” she said of the loss to President Obama. “I think it’s the toughest because we really expected to win it,” added Buchanan, a former Treasurer of the United States who also ran her brother Pat’s three campaigns for president.

Bay’s strong support for Romney has always been baffling and can only be explained by “the Mormon thing.” (Bay is a convert to Mormonism.) But his sister’s involvement with the Romney campaign is widely speculated to be the reason Pat seemed to hold his fire where Romney was concerned.

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