Todd Welch Loses Battle With Dunn County (WI) Republican Party

From the Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty website.

This Saturday February 2nd of 2013 the Dunn County Republican Party assembled at caucus voted 16 to 34 to deny my membership for being too Republican and holding Republican’s accountable to their principles and the constitution.

I call on all of my friends that believe in Liberty, Freedom, and the Constitution to join their local political party because the changes we all seek will only happen if we make them.

I vow that I will continue the fight for liberty, will continue to consider myself a Republican and will fight to regain my membership.

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One thought on “Todd Welch Loses Battle With Dunn County (WI) Republican Party

  1. JDP

    purge the libertoids. what use is a big tent when it’s incoherent.*

    *apologies if Mr. Welch is not a libertoid

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