Speaking of Judge Napolitano for President

In a thread below, I said that I thought Rand Paul had disqualified himself from carrying the Paul mantle and that any Paulite candidate in 2016 was likely to come from the activist and/or punditry ranks because there are so few if any Paulite elected officials at the national level. I also said that the name I heard tossed around most often was Judge Andrew Napolitano who has really hitched his wagon to the Paulite “Revolution.” Well whaddaya know, a Judge Nap for President ad has been popping up on my Facebook page recently.

The site is “Paid for by The Committee to Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President. Not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee.” And supporters are urged to go here to sign a petition to draft the Judge.

Judge Napolitano would be a good candidate IMO except for one thing, he is horrible on immigration. He has swallowed the ideological libertarian line that immigration is a “right.” This appeals to some purist libertarians who can’t see past their ideological noses, but it is a suicidal position. Current demographic trends already doom the GOP at the national level. Any libertarian who thinks we are going to have a country that is politically favorable to the “liberty movement” if those demographic trends accelerate is┬áliving in ideological la la land.

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