More Rand Paul Foreign Policy Speech Reaction

The Weekly Standard, via the Kagan Brothers, is not impressed. I’m sure that shocks you.

FrontPageMag is not impressed either. Again a shocker.

It is no surprise that the interventionist fanatics aren’t fond of Paul the Lesser’s speech, but I actually think they are not being very strategically wise here. The interventionist jihadists are so eager to stamp out even the slightest dissent that they don’t seem to realize that Rand has given away the store. If I was a hard core interventionist I would be dancing an obnoxious victory dance right now because I would know that we just made the best hope of the other side very publicly repudiate his father and genuflect to our side. Publicly I would be saying, “Way to come around to our side Rand.” Privately I would be thinking, “We made you blink.”

Update: Justin Raimondo isn’t impressed either, although obviously for other reasons.

The Daily Beast recognizes the speech for what it was, Rand’s way of saying “I’m not my Dad.”

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One thought on “More Rand Paul Foreign Policy Speech Reaction

  1. Kirt Higdon

    I think Raimondo has a lot of reasons to be unimpressed with Rand Paul, all of them good and some of them the same as yours.

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