9 thoughts on “Herman Cain Flip Flops and Endorses Rubio’s Amnesty

  1. aware

    Cain is a neocon and a banker stooge. Anyone who was part of the Fed can ever be anything but part of the problem. And he was one of the spoilers flooded into the GOP primaries by the Ruling Elite, as was Gingrich, Scamtorum, Perry, etc., to keep Paul out and Romney, another banker stooge, in.

    How the hell can someone who would have given us an income tax AND a national sales tax ever be considered anything but what he is, controlled “opposition” at best and hireling of the globalists?

  2. savrola

    Herman Cain is a greasy opportunist and he’s endorsing amnesty?


    Is this what passes for news around here?

  3. Weaver

    I thought Cain is our “conservative Saviour” who just happens to be black?

    Why does the GOP remind me of professional wrestling?

  4. RedPhillips Post author

    Sav, one point of this website is to advocate for what we consider a more authentic version of conservatism than what is represented by mainstream conservatism. Therefore, it follows that one way of doing that would be to point out where those who purport to be conservatives fall short. Hence, a post about Cain flip flopping on amnesty. This really isn’t that complicated.

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