Rambo 2013

In the latter half of the 1990s, Eric Rudolph emerged as a bit of a folk hero.  While a conservative Catholic, he was placed on the Christian Identity/white nationalist spectrum as had Tim McVeigh, a ‘patriot’ gun rights anti-racist–who BTW had a vendetta against the previously discussed, Lon Horiuchi, before him.

Rudolph’s targets—abortion clinics, the Olympics, and homosexual clubs—were not Far Right targets-well, I suppose the Olympics.  (The Far Right is generally tolerant of homosexuals and is tolerant of abortion for eugenic reasons.)

Nevertheless, as Gawker notes,  Rudolph was a version of a folk hero with t-shirts and bumper stickers (Run, Rudolph, Run!) as he headed into the mountains to allude the Man, as Bonnie & Clyde, Jesse James and Billy the Kid went before.


Chris Dorner has entered the news cycle.  The ex-LAPD, military trained, Mr. Dorner, posted a manifesto and has gone rogue with a series of killings, but not exactly thrill or random killings.

While the rightish media has focused on the boilerplater liberalism of Mr. Dorner’s manifesto, fresh off their defense of gun rights as the final check on tyranny, it has downplayed the ‘revenge’ and avenging agent points, where Mr. Dorner details bad language, bullying, abuse of suspects, general corruption amongst supervisors, which apparently in his narrative, led to his dismissal.

His targets have been selected for righteous vengeance, and families are considered fair targets—similar to contemporary Drone logic, certified by the Attorney General and the Nobel Peace Price winning President.

Comments on local California news stories appear to show some thought out sympathy and admiration for Mr. Dorner’s cause.

The LAPD is on edge, no doubt, and have made matters worse when six officers opened fire on a pick-up truck that perhaps matched a description.  A Hispanic woman was hit twice, and another women escaped with minor injuries, and apparently suffered from not understanding police commands.

Reports indicate that Dorner’s trail has gone cold…literally.  Apparently there is reason to believe Dorner has hit the mountains, perhaps having committed suicide, or perhaps not.

Ever the metaphysician, Charlie Sheen, old Matt Eckert avenging his Pa himself, has done a short video asking Mr. Dorner to give him a call, and see if they can figure out a way to work this thing out.

It will be a rather short story, or perhaps drag on a bit longer.


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3 thoughts on “Rambo 2013

  1. Weaver

    Abortion is tricky not only for eugenic reasons but population control as well.

    It’s a horrible thing to weigh though, murder of babies… I’ve condemned David Duke over it in the past.

    It might not be stereotypically right-wing to say, but I’d like to preserve a diversity of non-human species. I don’t like how the global population continues to grow. In a deeper sense, the environment truly is a right-wing issue. The Bible says to be fruitful and multiply, but we glorify God in preserving His creation. The spirit of the Bible is better served in preserving at least some of nature.

  2. Weaver

    Darwinism has undermined the majesty and awe of nature; but for the true Christian who believes evolution only alters Creation partly, nature is still wondrous to behold.

    I don’t think it matters that a Catholic authority has declared evolution, or at least Intelligent Design, tolerable within Christianity. I’m not Catholic, and I won’t believe the sun revolves around the Earth either.

    I’m too often beaten over the head with, “The Catholic Church says it’s OK,” lol. Well, is it also OK to be a Creationist?

  3. C Bowen


    What I think you mean to say is that abortion might be a reactionary position for eugenic reasons in the current climate. Same as injecting birth control to the lower bell curve, and encouraging sterilization amongst a certain class.

    I could pound back about first we must dismantle the welfare state, but that would be a contrived secondary reactionary position.

    Hence the point.

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